Friday, January 10, 2014

Mid Afternoon Quickie

I hope everyone is doing well today! I decided to take a break from working behind the scenes to actually post something up on the blog. In the next few days, at least I am hopeful, the new Holy Shock site should be coming online. Now in a perfect world, no one will notice anything different except a new look; however, I live nowhere close to a perfect world and so I just wanted to make sure and let everyone know about what to expect.

On Monday, (really, really, really hopeful) we will be moving Holy Shock from its current platform (which is basically Blogger) to a new platform. The site address will remain, as it is today; however, if you linked to the site from way back in the day before we had our very own domain, then you may need to update those links. We are going to try extremely hard to make sure that the old blogger domain will forward everyone over to the new site.

If you do experience any problems at all, then please make sure and send me an email to and I will work to get it resolved as quickly as I can. Well, it is time for me to get back to work (or play)!