Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Brunch: The Late Day Edition

Hey guys, I hope you all are having a great day! Not that long ago I started my ongoing series which I dubbed, Sunday Brunch. The whole purpose of the series was to keep you all informed on what was going on with me both on a personal level and also the sort of "behind the scenes" type of stuff. The goal of the series was to have a scheduled day where the stuff that may bore some of you was to be discussed. I figured this would allow people to not waste their time on reading something that they may not be all that interested in. Well, I like the concept and as such, Sunday Brunch shall be relaunched starting... right now!

Yeah, that picture is making me hungry! So I hope you guys enjoyed the auction house post this past week. I am not quite sure how often or what sort of regularity I am going to have with the series yet, but it seemed to have enough views that indicate people are always interested in auction house gold. I was originally thinking of doing it on a monthly basis, but I am afraid it would be far too big. As of now, I am thinking of perhaps making it more of a weekly report that I do either on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. If you guys have questions that you would like answered or any suggestions as to the style of how the report is done, then by all means drop a comment or shoot me an email at

This past week was kind of frustrating as well, especially since I have decided to focus back on Holy Shock. On Thursday, around 3 PM EST, my internet just died and did not come back up until around 24 hours later. I had quite a few projects I had hoped to work on during Thursday, but all of them are now way behind schedule due to the loss of the internet... well and my Hearthstone beta access!

It was like going cold turkey off of an illegal drug late Thursday night once I realized that I had a beta key! I didn't get a chance to even play Hearthstone until Saturday though, since Friday was nothing but non-stop running. It was mostly good running though, so no complaints. I had the mundane errands early in the day, then a doctor's appointment (nothing bad and not even for me), and then out for the evening with friends.

I want to cover Hearthstone, but I am not really sure the best way to do that just yet. I am leaning more towards either live streaming play on the beta or posting YouTube videos up. I am just not sure yet which way I will go, but I will make sure and let you all know when I do decide. I am just really excited to be in this beta more so than the other betas I have been fortunate to be a part of.

Let me see, what else was on my mind? I had a huge list of things I wanted to touch on and now it seems my mind has gone blank. Well, that must just be a sign to end this thing here. I will catch you all later!

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