Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I have something I have to admit to you all. It is something that I am ashamed of. It is a jaded past that I had worked so hard to keep under control. At times, it has felt like an addiction in all that I needed was just one more hit. What is this shameful secret? I am a WoW gold digger...

Alright so it is not that bad of a thing right? I guess that depends on who you ask! For instance, if you would ask my old server's population, then you might get a range of both negative and positive reactions. Well, it would probably be more negative, but still I am sure there would be a few positive responses. You see, a long, long, long time ago, I use to be hated on the US Daggerspine server! If I logged into game, then I was immediately hit with no less then five whispers telling me what a low life piece of trash I was. Why you may ask? Well, because I didn't believe in the undercutting game that is played by today's auction community. No sir/madame! I believed in wiping the competition out by buying them out... and then listing the spoils of war for three times what I paid for them. Some people did not like this practice, but rather than try to list more items than I had gold, they chose to complain.

I think the most humorous of times was a message I received from a player named Cody. He spent quite a lot of time explaining to me how I was being absolutely stupid and only hurting myself. He explained that no one would buy items, and that eventually I would simply fade away. I chose to respond to him through a blog post, because that is what we bloggers do right?

As I sat here rereading that post, it brought a smile to my face. Why you may ask? Simply because it reminded me of what use to be fun about this game to me, and no it was not just simply listing in the auction house. The fun was that while we waited for what felt like days (and probably was sometimes) for groups, I would go and randomly list items in the auction house. This led to me listing a lot of items on the auction house. I am a numbers guy. I was raised in the home of a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and have worked in several different areas within the financial industry. So every time I would list an item, I was unknowingly (at first) working on a system for selling.

As time passed and I continued listing different items at different prices, I realized that some people are hard wired to avoid anything that resembles work to them. These are the people who I have always listed items for. They are the people who spend countless hours playing this game, but think that "grinding" for trade goods is a waste of time. So they instead will gladly pay someone else for their time. It is those people, and their gold, that I am interested in. They have funded my characters and guilds for years, and will probably continue to do so as Blizzard continues to make gold readily available to these fine folks.

Well, over the years I have really cut back from the auction house. At the height of my listing, I was keeping roughly 20,000 items up constantly. It was taking the fun out of the auction house and keeping me from actually playing the game. So I retired from the auction game. Sure I would list a few items here and there, but nothing that took more than a couple minutes to post. I was doing good in my recovery from being an auction house hoarder... that was until a buddy of mine started talking about his quest for a million gold.

After months of talking about the old days, I fell off the wagon and have been slowly implementing a strategy on the market where I become the market maker versus just being a seller. As I am still actively engaged in this initial investment, I am going to forgo talking about its results. However, it has had an unexpected consequence... I have returned to the auction house in full swing. It was subtle at first. I didn't realize I was doing it. I started listing a few cloth pieces, because tailors always need cloth right? Then I had a few extra elixirs sitting around, and while I didn't need them, I was sure someone else would right?

Once I realized what was happening, I took a couple days off from listing. I had to really think about if I wanted to spend the time listing. After debating the upside and downside to getting back into the auction house, I decided I would continue listing; however, I would also utilize the experience as something to write about. As it stands right now, I am thinking that I will post a monthly report of the items I have sold, as well as provide some interesting data in relation to what the auction house cut is and what my net profit is.

I will not however, go into details about the method(s) I use when listing. If you read all the way to this point waiting for a grand "get rich" scheme, then I apologize for wasting your time. I have always shied away from making such posts for the reason that I feel there is no right or wrong method for listing. Yes, there are certainly numerous strategies that one can use in order to shore up (or hedge) their holdings, but in the end I think those topics are best left to the writers out there who specialize in that sort of thing.

In the end, my listing on the auction house must remain a side thing I do for fun. The moment it does not feel fun to me, is the moment that I will pull the plug and order my auctioneers and bankers to pack up their wares. Now I am sure you are wondering how this will all look on the blog. The answer is I am not 100% sure! I do have two days worth of information from September though and so I am going to list that and we will begin working on tweaking (not twerking!) it. So with that all said, here is the two days worth of information for September!

Ghost Iron Ore

Buyers: Courdius, Derisionioi
Listed Price (per item): 43G/0S/0C
Deposit (per item): 0G/9S/0C
Auction House Cut (per item): 2G/15S/0C
Net Profit (per item): 40G/94S/0C
Total Number Sold: 4

Imbued Netherweave Bag

Buyers: Thraga
Listed Price (per item): 250G/0S/0C
Deposit (per item): 0G/60S/0C
Auction House Cut (per item): 12G/50S/0C
Net Profit (per item): 238G/10S/0C
Total Number Sold: 1

Journeyman's Backpack

Buyers: Marplebax
Listed Price (per item): 25G/0S/0C
Deposit (per item): 0G/37S/44C
Auction House Cut (per item): 1G/25S/0C
Net Profit (per item): 24G/12S/44C
Total Number Sold: 1

Large Knapsack

Buyers: Minizoro
Listed Price (per item): 17G/50S/0C
Deposit (per item): 0G/30S/0C
Auction House Cut (per item): 0G/87S/50C
Net Profit (per item): 16G/92S/50C
Total Number Sold: 4

Netherweave Bag

Buyers: Ezalord, Hazzdort, Leavs,  & Vonjai
Listed Price (per item): 50G/0S/0C
Deposit (per item): 0G/60S/0C
Auction House Cut (per item): 2G/50S/0C
Net Profit (per item): 48G/10S/0C
Total Number Sold: 9

Pendant of the Agate Shield

Buyers: Healzonly
Listed Price (per item): 31G/0S/0C
Deposit (per item): 0G/9S/12C
Auction House Cut (per item): 1G/55S/0C
Net Profit (per item): 29G/54S/12C
Total Number Sold: 1

Recipe: Elixir of Giant Growth

Buyers: Kildenki
Listed Price (per item): 90G/0S/0C
Deposit (per item): 0G/1S/0C
Auction House Cut (per item): 4G/50S/0C
Net Profit (per item): 85G/51S/0C
Total Number Sold: 18

Silk Cloth

Buyers: Angeldeadam
Listed Price (per item): 15G/0S/0C
Deposit (per item): 0G/1S/0C
Auction House Cut (per item): 0G/75S/0C
Net Profit (per item): 14G/26S/0C
Total Number Sold: 15

Thorium Bar

Buyers: Bigfatchamjl
Listed Price (per item): 25G/0S/0C
Deposit (per item): 0G/3S/60C
Auction House Cut (per item): 1G/25S/0C
Net Profit (per item): 23G/78S/60C
Total Number Sold: 5

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