Wednesday, October 23, 2013

7 AM

Why hello there good people of the internet! I hope you guys are having a great day. My day has been one of me sleeping and I must apologize for that because it means yet another delay in getting the auction house report published. Please do not hate me too much! You see last night, my guild ran the Siege of Orgrimmar flex raid (much as we do every night). It was one of those nights where you know you raided, but it felt lacking. So what was I to do?

My friend (our resident Druid healer) wanted to do queue and do the final wing of SoO LFR. Now I hate LFR, but I was craving that feeling of having killed something new. When we went to queue, we soon found out that I had not completed the third wing! WHOOPS! So we queued, he as a healer and me as a tank! Yeah, did I mention I am tanking now? So anyway, we cruise through the raid with a superstar DPS switched to ultimate overpowered tank. I am not complaining for the speed run, but I was disappointed in not really actually tanking, as the other superstar DPS turned ultimate overpowered tank was solo tanking the entire run. Needless to say we cleared the raid in record time!

So we queue up for the final wing around 2:30 - 3:00 AM EST. We port in and everyone gets ready. The other tank, a Guardian Druid, pulls the first mob with no warning. Havoc followed quickly behind her/him! No one got the Goblins who proceeded to open ALL of the extra adds and death fell upon all of us. If you were really lucky, you died twice on this pull! So we regrouped and got everyone on the same page of what to do and what not to do and proceeded on without too many problems (for that section).

We had the usual fair of silly wipes, but things were progressing at a decent pace for the first night of new content. Well, our brick wall came in the hallway leading to Garrosh. We ended up wiping there no less than four times. The major culprit was DPS who would backpedal into agro range of the next set of mobs. I remained as patient as I could and we finally cleared our way to Garrosh and Thrall. YAY!

At this point, the other tanks asks me to take adds. I figure sure, why not? Now I had read up on the fight and knew what I was getting myself into. Let me say that reading up and experiencing it in LFR is two different things. Mechanics wise, I felt I did great. I held agro and positioned my mobs correctly. There was just one (or two) minor problems. What was the problem? Well, it would be the gung-ho DPS who decided to kill both of the engineers who should have been releasing the unstable iron stars into my mobs. The mobs quickly grow out of control when not killed. Now I could go on and on talking about all the bad, but I am not going to.

Somewhere around 7 AM EST, my LFR team finally downed Garrosh and I loved every second of it and here is why. I have learned to loathe LFR because of how basic and simple it has been. There has never been much of a challenge for old school raiders (in my opinion) because we have seen all of the mechanics; however, while the mechanics were similar, the fight changed them up quick enough that it kept things moving and required me to be constantly monitoring what was happening around me. The encounter also hits like a mack truck! If you do not use your defensive cooldowns at the right time, then you are going to die. Overall, I hope that the devs do not nerf this encounter. Let it stand for what it should be, which is the epic take down of a faction leader.

I realize that there are people who want to "see" the content, but isn't that what YouTube is for? Now if you want to experience the content, then you should expect that there are going to be some bumps and bruises along the way. Raiding is about overcoming the challenge, not just about getting that purple item with a big number on it. Well, that is my two cents worth. I hope you guys have a great day and I promise (!) that I will have the auction house report up tomorrow!

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