Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Brunch: Positivity

With each Sunday comes the opportunity to have brunch and discuss the things that I have been dealing with in my personal life (for those of you who care). The last few weeks I have been doing a lot of thinking about how this year has been going so far, and I got to say that it has pretty much sucked non-stop. So I decided this past week that if I cannot change all of the circumstances which are affecting me, then I shall change the way that I view things!

So starting this past Monday I have worked extremely hard to remain positive in whatever situation I find myself in. The funny part is that I feel like the oddball in the crowd now. As I sat at work on Thursday I couldn't help but listen to how negative everyone was being. So I spoke up and informed them of the decision that I had made to be positive and as such I could not permit them to be negative any longer. They all started laughing because they know that I am usually the first person to jump on board the "bitch express".

I teased them a little and told them about my decision to attempt to remain positive and proceeded to tell them that I am not the kind of person who looks at the glass of water as being half empty or half full, but rather I just want to know who the hell has been drinking my water. Well, now instead of getting mad that someone drank my water, I am instead just going to refill my glass since water does not cost me anything but a little time. They laughed and continued joking about other things but more important than all of that was the fact that the attitude of the area changed and was much more pleasant to be around.

Since I started to focus on the positive, I do feel as though things have been going much more smoothly. This is not to say that magically all of my problems have disappeared, but rather it is to say that I choose not to focus on all the negative stuff that is swirling around me. By ignoring all of that, I can instead focus my energies into the things that I can cause change in. That is what then makes me feel like things are going much, much better.

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