Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Brunch: No Brunch Due To Staff Being Sick

I hope you all are doing better than me. I started feeling sick on Thursday evening and by Friday morning I looked like a semi-truck ran me over. The good news is that I am feeling a little bit better. I spent all day Friday, when not actually working, sleeping and that helped me a whole lot. I made a feeble attempt at going in to work on Saturday, but quickly retreated home to bed after a couple hours. As of right now, I have started getting some food into my system and I am beginning to feel more human. The room still spins when I move, but at least I can walk straight now!

That is enough about me though. I really wanted to take a few moments today to talk with you guys a little bit about the future of Holy Shock. This place seems to run for a few days and then the lights go out and nothing is heard from this part of the internet for weeks and even months on end. Well, I am not happy with this and so I am genuinely looking at ways to change this. One of those ideas I started this past Friday with the relaunch of Forum Fridays. It is my deepest desire to begin to spend much more time back here at the blog focusing on sharing my thoughts with all of you. What I do not want to do is make empty promises and so rather than say I am going to have "x" number of posts out each week, I am simply going to say that I have not forgotten about you guys and I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that the dust doesn't get too thick around here. Now go on and get out of here before you get sick too!

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