Friday, April 5, 2013

Forum Fridays: The Return!

Alright, I have a writer's itch that is needing to be scratched and I now have some ideas on how to scratch said itch! Starting today, we are going to be launching a new ongoing weekly series that I shall dub, Forum Fridays! What? You remember that I had a short lived series titled this? Well, you are a dedicated reader to remember that! However, I am going in a completely different direction with this series. Instead of searching for absurdly stupid forums posts, I am instead going to take a topic that I find interesting and write about it here on the blog and we are starting right now!

So our friend, Acillyn, asks if there has been any updates about how Blizzard plans to make sure that PVP tanks will remain the superior flag carriers in instanced PVP. Now I think this is a very valid questions since all players are going to have a very strong base amount of resilience. I do think though that our friend here is worrying too much about this at the moment as in instanced PVP (arenas and battlegrounds), all gear is going to be capped at item level 496.

This means that if a tank in top tier raiding gear with an item level of 522 (hypothetical number) enters into an instanced PVP zone, their gear is automatically going to be reduced to 496. This means that pound for pound, stats like agility, intellect, stamina, and the other core stats, are all going to be weighted evenly. The issue then moves on to secondary stats.

So for tanks, that means will stats like dodge and parry provide a better experience then PVP resilience and PVP power? Well, let us not forget that Blizzard has stated that not all PVP resilience is going to be removed from items. This also means that a PVP geared tank is going to have a higher resilience number. However, that is simply an avoidance number, which our PVE geared tanks are going to have plenty of in terms of parry and dodge. So then what?

Well as of 4/5/13, Blizzard has released some additional notes on PVP for patch 5.3 and they are:

Battle Fatigue will now reduce the amount of healing and absorbs by 50%, up from 30% - I think this is huge because that means the PVP resilience numbers are going to become much more important and simple logic indicates that the PVP geared character will have a higher amount of resilience, so long as the gem and enchant for it. Which I would have to ask a flag carrier in PVP, why would you not be gem and enchant for PVP resilience?

Now does this take away all fear and concern for our PVP brethren who will be carrying the flags? I do not believe so, but I do think that it is showing that Blizzard is now beginning to review numbers coming in from the PTR and is going to begin ratcheting the dial on the percentages. So at this point in time I feel that we still have to take a wait and see approach  but I do believe in the long run that the players who spend the time and acquire the proper PVP gear, will be in a far better place then those who assume that their high item level PVE gear will carry them in serious instanced PVP situations. Any thoughts from out there in the nether that is the internet? If so then drop them in the comments section and I will see you guys later!

To follow up on the forum discussion, it can be found here!

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