Monday, July 2, 2012

Too Hot for Brunch!

Alright, so I have been attempting to write this post now for about an hour or so. You see I am a creature of habit. I have certain routines I like to follow. If something throws me off though, I then suffer and have a very difficult time regaining my focus. Enter now the ridiculous heatwave that has settled on a large part of the States. Now the heat is not really too bad given the proper precautions of drinking plenty of water and attempting to stay cool. The cool part has got me slightly baffled. My newly established office is lacking an air conditioner. It is also lacking a window that opens. This basically makes it comparable to the "box" in prison movies.

The good news is that I did talk to a contractor who has ordered the window and once it arrives he will be out to install it. I then shall be able to add a window air conditioning unit and avert any more heat issues. Now had he only responded sooner to my original call, I could have avoided undue sweating...

So I was thinking the other day that things could not get worse. I should really learn not to think such things as Murphy's Law always comes back to haunt me. I was attempting to have a semi-peaceful day on Sunday when my wife came out to my office. It was not a "I want to hang out" type of visit though. No, it was a "my computer just blew up kind of visit". I head inside to investigate the issue and it would appear that the second brand new video card has fried itself. Well, at least that is my assumption. I am trying to get one of my brother's friends to come out and provide me with his professional opinion... for free. If it is the video card, then I think I am going to just buy one separate from the company where the computer was purchased. I hate to spend additional funds on it (because I do not have the extra money), but I also do not want a very expensive paper weight sitting on my wife's desk.

Of course with her new computer out of action, I now have an office buddy. Well, they say misery loves company and I cannot think of anything more miserable than hundred degree temperatures with high humidity and no air conditioning. At least I have a nice refrigerator with plenty of cold drinks in it. On a side note, you can most assuredly expect a review of the experience I have had with buying this alleged "gaming" PC from a "gaming" PC company. Lesson learned, I should have just built the computer myself.

So that pretty much sums up my weekend. Well, aside from an afternoon doctor's appointment on Saturday. With the oppressive heat and computer frustration, I just decided to attempt to relax for what little bit of the weekend was left and write Sunday Brunch today. You guys don't mind though do you? Anyone else suffering through this heatwave beside me? If so, share you story because misery truly does love company. Stay cool guys and I will catch you guys tomorrow!

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