Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Brunch: Cool

Another Sunday brings another Brunch! I hope you guys had a great week! My week was incredibly busy, but I consider it to be a good busy. The highlight of the week for me was on Wednesday when my new window arrived and was installed. I cannot tell you all how happy this makes me, especially with the record setting heat wave that has this part of the States on lock down.

With the new window installed, I hooked up my window air conditioning unit on Thursday and was happily sitting in air conditioning that night. This also provided me with an urge to actually play video games out here on my main system. I hit the arenas in WoW on Thursday evening with my friends from MAS. I followed that up by raiding Friday night for the first time in months.

This time of year is also a lot of fun because it is the Steam Summer Sale! I patiently wait all year for this to come around because of the deals you can get. Sadly, I believe that today is the next to last day. I hope you guys were all aware of this and picked up some great games. In years past I have jumped as soon as I saw the game I wanted, but not this time around. No, this time I decided I would wait and look at each daily deal and/or flash sale for the games I truly wanted. With this method I was able to pick up several great games at savings of 75% off or more. Some of the games I picked up were: Saints Row the Third (and all downloadable content), A Bunch of Heroes, Orcs Must Die, and Terraria among others. I have a couple other games I am hoping to see as daily deals though so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

The only other thing that I have been spending a considerable amount of time on is playing Backyard Monsters on Facebook. I love that game and it has me completely addicted. This week they dropped what could be considered a new content patch where you have to defend your yard against waves of enemies and then after a set amount of waves go and attack the enemy's yard. If you have never heard of the game before, then I would recommend you check it out. I would classify it more as a real time strategy game than anything else. It does have some flaws, but for a free game it is still a lot of fun. Perhaps I should do a review of the game at some point down the road...

Well, I think that about wraps things up for this week. If you guys bought some games from the Summer Steam Sale, then tell me about it in the comment section! Hope you all enjoy what is left of your weekend.

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