Thursday, July 5, 2012

20 - My Favorite WoW Item

Another Thursday has dawned upon us and with it comes another post in the ongoing series of 20! Today's topic is my favorite item in World of Warcraft! This is a really hard question to answer because I think it depends on what character I am playing. Now I could take the easy way out on this and just list my favorite item(s) for Ruhtra because this is a blog about Holy Paladins right? Well, I do not believe in easy and so I am going to attempt to go through all of my characters that I actively use. If you need a bathroom break, then you may want to go before I get into this! I am just kidding, but I am going to break down the list into specific categories like which will be gear, mounts, and vanity pets.

Favorite Gear

This is an extremely difficult decision here because I have a lot of gear scattered across all of my characters; however, at the end of the day I have to go with my single favorite item... Kang the Decapitator! I had this bad boy drop for Ruhtra way back when I was first leveling him in the Hinterlands. At the time, I was in need of a lot of gold in order to complete the quest for my epic mount and Kang fit the bill for earning me a big pay day. I really hated to sell it, but I knew I needed the gold more than a weapon that would become obsolete in the Outland zones. It dropped a second time for me when I was leveling my Hunter in the Hinterlands as well. With no transmogrification around and my Paladin well beyond the level of it being useful, I once again sold the axe. Quite some time later, there was a guild member who had been leveling a Rogue and sure enough, Kang dropped for them. I believe this was during the early days of Wrath. The Rogue did not want the item and was having a hard time selling it on the auction house. I stepped in with an offer to trade them an old world epic dagger for Kang. They agreed since the dagger would be useful for them. I was ecstatic to say the least. I immediately sent the axe to my Warrior, Muel. To this day, Muel has it safely stored within his bank where some day in the future he will transmogrify other weapons to resemble my favorite piece of gear.

Some other items that were considered were: my current transmogrified gear set on Ruhtra (made to look like a Blood Knight), my Warrior's (Galran) complete Scarlet Crusade gear set, the bow from Kara that my Hunter (Lrem) uses for transmogrification, and Quel'delar (Ruhtra). While all of these items are awesome and somewhat difficult to obtain, I feel Kang the Decapitator wins hand down due to the history of the axe with me and also the rarity of the old epic world drops.

Favorite Mount

While some items might create much more debate, the Time Lost Proto Drake wins hand down here. Of all the mounts I have, this is the only mount that cannot be earned. It can only be obtained by luck. The only other mounts that would give it a run for the money would be the old ZA and ZG mounts; however, I do not have them and so there is no competition in my stable for favored mount.

Favorite Vanity Pet

This category is by far the hardest for me to choose from because I use different pets for each of my characters and they all are special to me because of this; however, I must select one who shall rule the others. I believe that I shall have to go with my little Teldrassil Sproutling. I call him my pocket healer and anywhere the Ru goes, so too goes he. Mr. Grubbs came in a close second though due to his leaping for joy!

So you guys now know my favorites. What item gives you the most pride in World of Warcraft? Leave your comments and share you stories! I will catch you guys tomorrow!

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