Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Reviews: FTWitachi

I am going to be straight up honest with you guys today and let you know that I sadly have not had the time to sit down and prepare anything for today. This was largely due to the transferring of my guild from its old server (Daggerspine). With the transfer, I wanted to do a video sort of highlighting what the guild had accomplished in the past and to get the members pumped for the future. If you missed the video then check it out here. The video took a lot more time than I had expected and actually caused me to fall behind on several projects (blog articles, fan fiction stories, my own video series, etc.).
I however do not like to see too many days pass without a post around here and so then the thought hit me... it is a review day right? Well, why not review a YouTube channel? So today we are going to take a look at a guy who had made a forum request on the official WoW forums. Now first let me say that I rarely ever go to any channels that are posted up in the WoW forums. I made an exception and so let's see what I found.

So having watched the entire video, here are the things I feel that were done very well:

  • Intro - I think one of the biggest things that can set someone apart from the plethora of play throughs and instructional videos is a nice introduction. Now that introduction could be a logo with some theme music or a nice animated piece, but it tells me that you take some pride in your channel and you put some work into it.
  • Video Quality - One of the first things I look for in a video is the ability to switch the mode to 1080p or 720p at the least. I paid a decent amount of money for my monitor and I want to view videos in it that put its technology to work. This really falls into that whole area of taking pride in what you do, and to me if you don't care enough about the viewer to make your video look good, then I am probably going to not return to view further videos.
  • Focused - I like the fact that the video is extremely focused on one particular topic, in this case running a dungeon in the MoP beta. I hate when you search for a video (which I do often) and the title is vague or has nothing to do with the video being shown.

Just as there are some things which were done well, I definitely feel there are some things which could be improved upon:

  • Voice - At the beginning of the video and certain parts during the video, it is difficult to hear what is being said. Now this could be due to using a headset instead of a an actual mic. Now this is not a deal breaker, but if you are looking to grow your audience it is definitely something to consider investing some funds into. A good mic is available starting around $80 (US).  
  • Strategy - During the portions where instruction on the boss fight is provided it sounded more like it was being read. Now this is definitely not a bad thing because it was all good information, but I like when people take something like that and make it their own and not sound so scripted. 
  • Credit - This is more of a suggestion than a negative. If you are wanting to get more involved with YouTube (trying to make it into a job), then you want to make sure that everything you use is either creative commons or covered under a general usage license. For example, in the MAS Rising video that was done, the song there was used under a creative commons license and properly marked in the information of the video. The WoW video footage is permissible under Blizzard's video usage policy as well, but they like to have you let everyone know that. This can also save you some headaches with YouTube later on.
So my final thoughts are that I think this particular YouTube producer shows some promise. The trick to anything though is to continue working on it constantly, which it sounds like he is. At the end of the day, making any type of video game commentary, walk throughs, play throughs, guides, etc., is never easy and the market is flooded with so many. You really have to find a way to get your name out there in order to even get someone to take a look at your channel. So in closing, my recommendation is that if you enjoy seeing guides on the beta, then you might want to take a look at what this channel is producing. I definitely think that they take some pride in their work and any support shown can only help them to continue working to produce even better material.

Now that I have spent all that time reviewing their video, I now feel like my The Nub Seeker series has a whole lot of work that needs to be done! I guess I know what I will be working on later this weekend! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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