Wednesday, June 27, 2012

(MoP) Mists of Pandaria: Holy Paladin - Level 15

I hope you are all doing absolutely wonderful today! The sun is shining here where I live and this puts me in a great mindset to talk about Holy Paladins and the Light! So let's do a minor disclaimer here that what we are discussing today is as of the current build on the beta for MoP. Please keep in mind that as the days begin to pass, this information may in fact become outdated. With that in mind, today we are going to take a look at what happens when you hit level 15 as a Paladin who happens to be a follower of the Light.

At level 15 you become eligible to select your first talent ability. I am going to assume that you are aware of the changes being introduced with the new Talent system and so we are going to forgo any discussion regarding that. The choices for level 15 are: Speed of Light, Long Arm of the Law, and Pursuit of Justice. The underlying theme of these three talent selections is going to be maneuverability and speed. So the first thing I want to do is provide you with the details for each spell.

Speed of Light - This ability will consume 3.5% of your base mana. It is an instant cast spell with a one minute cooldown. Upon use the ability increases your movement speed by 70% for 8 seconds.

Long Arm of the Law - This ability is passive, which means that it activates any time that you successfully use your judgement spells. Upon the successful use of Judgement, your movement speed will increase by 45% for three seconds.

Pursuit of Justice - This ability is a passive ability that provides a flat 10% movement speed at all times. In addition to this flat increase, it will also provide you with an additional 10% movement speed per current charge of Holy Power. This bonus will be provided up to a stacked maximum of 3.

These three talents provide a very similar bonus on the surface, but how you will use each is what will ultimately decide which you choose to go with. Right now I am leaning very heavily on using Pursuit of Justice for my leveling and beginning PVE content. I like the consistency of the talent and the overall buff is nice to have while traveling during quests, especially with not being able to fly until level 90. The harder decision is in terms of PVP. As a Holy Paladin, we spend most of our time pole humping and positioning ourselves away from our opponents. So naturally both Long Arm of the Law and Speed of Light should be considered. The question is which one to use?

The answer to that question is going to factor in a lot of things such as your composition, are running random battlegrounds or playing in an organized setting where communication is good, and you personal style of play. As I have no way of (or desire) to write about the first two, we are going to talk about the later. When approaching being a Holy Paladin in PVP, there are two conventional schools of play. The first being just a straight healer. I would classify this person as someone who specs for healing and the ability to survive above all else. The second would be the Holy Paladin who will use their offensive abilities during a fight. 

To me the clear cut winner between these two talents in PVP is going to be Long Arm of the Law. My thought behind this is that most Paladins will judge as often as possible. There are multiple benefits to this that will become apparent as we go deeper into the talent tree. In addition to the talents that become available, we have a base ability in Holy Insight which provides us many bonuses, not the least of which is an increase of 15% hit rating for our Judgement spell. With that ability, we are only looking at being slowed down for three seconds before we can judge again.

Now I do not want to appear biased, so let's talk a little bit about Speed of Light. The one positive thing going for it is that it is not on the global cooldown. This means you can hit this ability whenever you need it. That is extremely useful and should not be discounted. The downside is that right now it is showing up as being part of the holy magic spell school and as such it can be removed from you. So combine that with its incredible one minute cooldown and that large speed boost, in my opinion, is not nearly as great as it seems.

Now I realize this is my pure opinion and as such is completely open for debate. As a matter of fact, I would love to hear your thoughts about these three talents. As always you can leave them as a comment or email me directly at I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your day, and I will see you guys tomorrow!

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