Monday, June 25, 2012

The Brunch That Wasn't

Hello everyone and welcome to a special Monday edition of Sunday Brunch! I hope you all are doing well today and starting yourselves off with a good week! I have a lot to talk about today and so I am just going to jump right into it alright?

First thing is that Minecraft Monday has been on hiatus due to my lack of getting anything done. Unfortunately, my free time is limited and I have to choose which games and projects to invest my time into and Minecraft is rather low on that list right now for a couple of reasons. The first reason being that I am working on an extremely large scale project pretty much all by myself. Now I could take pictures, but I do not think me clearing a one hundred block by one hundred block area would make for very good viewing. I do have some ideas for some other Minecraft related stuff, but I am nor sure if I want to pursue those here on the blog or through YouTube. So for the time being, just expect that Minecraft Mondays will probably be more on a bi-monthly basis for the foreseeable future.

The second thing on my list of "stuff" is the guild transfer. I really did not say much about it here on the blog, but for the last month the officers (first), then the entire guild held a month long debate over whether the guild should consider transferring servers. The end result was the transfer of the guild from Daggerspine to Kil'Jaeden. From the guild standpoint, it just made sense to leave a server that was dead. From a personal standpoint, I really hate it. I hate that I am leaving behind some good people who simply cannot afford to transfer (or do not want to). I hate that I am leaving behind a stable of characters that have had a lot of time invested into them. Most of all I hate that Blizzard has allowed their servers to degrade in such a manner. Too little, too late and they reap the rewards of the transfer. That having been said, I do plan to write a review of the guild transfer feature probably for this Saturday's post. If you are interested in learning a little bit about the process and how it "actually" works as opposed to "should" work, then check back on Saturday.

When the decision was made to transfer the guild from the server, I had reached out to a friend to see if they could create a video for the move. They said they would, but time was running out and my own quirks had me create the video. I actually really enjoyed making the video and was impressed with how well it turned out. Typically a video will take me around a day or two for editing and what not, but I cranked that thing out overnight last Wednesday. I definitely saw some things I didn't like, but at the end of the day I was extremely satisfied with it. Make sure and check it out on the MASGamingCommunity YouTube channel or on the upper right hand (currently) side of the screen.

The third thing on my hit list of brunch items is that I am completely horrible at making banners for the website. The only thing I really like about the newest one up top is that the light is casting shadows on Ruhtra. I am not going to bore you with the details, but I probably have created five or six different banners just to arrive at the one above... which I dislike. So look for additional changes to keep taking place up there. You know what, let me share with you some of the lowlights of my work!

As you can see, these are just three of the "didn't make the cut" list. Okay, so maybe I talk a little bit about what I was thinking with them. The top one I was trying to create a casting pose where a blast of "holy energy" would come out and have Holy Shock spelled out within it. I never made it to the editing it because I felt it looked horrible enough as it was. The second banner, which I actually like in a way, is more of a picture than anything else. My thought was to make something that looked like the "Hollywood" sign, but with a beam of holy light getting ready to be blasted at you. I do not know why I thought of this, nor do I know why I thought a "Hollywood" style sign would be cool. The third banner was a direct result of the second banner. While I didn't like the sign idea, I thought replacing the "O" with a bright ball of holy energy (aka sunburst) would look cool. It did look nice, but it made the immediate background go completely yellow. The one I finally chose, took the sunburst and placed it in Ruhtra's hands, like I was getting ready to Holy Shock your ass. My issue with it is that I now do not like the font type I chose. I do think I have a font type that looks better and would work with the overall feel for the blog. So look for a change to the banner eventually.

The fourth item on my list of things today is along the lines of the banners. I actually had been debating on opening up an online T-Shirt shop for quite some time. I was just extremely lazy, but while working on yet another side project finally decided to open the shop. Right now I have two designs posted up, but I have a lot of ideas in my mind and as I find the time to create them/commission them (I am looking at you Edy), I will add more. I will eventually add a link to the store somewhere around the blog. More than likely to the upper right side of the blog.

The side project which led me to deciding to open an online T-Shirt store was the desire to create a character image for a character biography page. Stay with me because this is going to get a little confusing. You see, over at the guild's forums we added a role playing section a while back. In this section we invite registered forum users to participate in open role play (such as the Whiskey Jar) or to create stories along or in select groups. We also have a section for character biographies. I have written a couple small pieces here and there. As such I felt it would be fun to bring those biographies over here to the blog under a section that highlights my characters. In preparation of that, I wanted to create some images of my characters in different gear sets and poses, and thus that led to my eventual decision for the T-Shirts. I did manage to create one character image that I really liked as well. Of course this led to me creating a poster like image as well.

Now with all of this time being used for all of these side projects, it has slightly hampered my recently launched YouTube series, The Nub Seeker. The good news is that I still have a few more quests that I have the video footage for already. I do however need to go in and add the audio commentary to the videos and then edit everything so that it looks half way decent. My goal with YouTube really is just to have fun and do something different. That is the big reason behind my choosing a Warrior to earn a title by doing something I simply hate. In truth, I am hoping to actually understand Warriors better by leveling straight through. I also have to admit that the quests that I have done since leveling new characters have really been well done. So no complaints there either. At any rate, keep your eye on the YouTube channel or on the tab here that I will continue to embed the episodes into.

I have a couple other things I am considering doing with YouTube, but I am hesitant only because of the time it takes to produce a video. I cannot imagine how long it takes people who really machinimate their videos. I have a whole new level of respect for them. One thing you can be sure of, if I do decide to work on any other YouTube series, then you guys here will be the first to know about it.

I have lost track of what number I am on, but I did want to see that I have both a Facebook and Twitter account for Holy Shock now. If you guys want to follow or friend me through those services then feel free to do so. I am not too big into the whole social networking thing, but I am trying... definitely trying.

Well, I think I hit all of the important stuff that has been going on with me. I hope you guys like these little informative posts as much as I like doing them. Make sure and add the blog to your RSS reader so you don't miss any posts. As always if you guys have any comments, questions, suggestions, then drop me a note in the comments section or send me an email at I will see you guys later!

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