Tuesday, June 26, 2012

5 O'Clock!

Yup, I started writing this post today at 5 PM! My day has just ran away from me and as such there will be no Holy Paladin post today. The good news is that I will instead be posting that tomorrow. Unless something major changes, we will be continuing our look at Holy Paladins in the MoP beta. So make sure and check in tomorrow for that.

Due to my inability to get the post up today, I was thinking about how better to streamline my schedule. Here lately I have definitely taken a lot more on and in the next couple weeks, things are even going to get more busy. Soooooo... I am thinking that I am going to keep Monday as my dedicated Minecraft day. The only catch here is that there will either need to be some sort of Minecraft related update in the game itself, or I will have to have actually completed something in my own game that justifies writing a post. In the event that this does not happen, Mondays may just be a random type post day.

Now Tuesdays I have wanted to spend dedicated to Paladins, but I find that typically I need a day between regular series to actually have time to study the subject at hand. So with that in Mind, I am moving my Holy Paladin posts to Wednesday. I believe this will work fine for the foreseeable future.

Thursdays are good with the 20 series as is. That series I can write up ahead of time and does not require any research or in depth thinking. I like that.

Fridays have become the day for forums. I like this and I plan to expand on this. I am going to not just pick silly forums, but I inted to expand it to any forum that I feel has a good subject to it. Now in practice, this should focus mostly on WoW, but if a good forum pops up somewhere else, then we may speak about that. I definitely want to keep it gaming focused though.

I think the series that has surprised me the most has been the reviews I have done on Saturdays. I have received a lot of positive feedback on these, and so I will continue to do this. I have some additional thoughts on things I would like to do with this, but I am going to save those for one of my random days.

Sundays are pretty much reserved for me. I have no real goal here and I am still sorting out how I want to handle these posts, but for the time being expect them to focus purely on me and what all I am invovled in.

Well, guys I am heading out for the evening. Hope you guys had a great day and I will see you all tomorrow!

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