Thursday, June 21, 2012

20 - Your First Day Playing WoW

With Thursday comes another post in the series of 20 questions! Today's questions wants me to describe my first day of playing WoW. That has been so long ago, but I do remember some of it. It really all begins around the end of my playing Everquest. I had been really bored since quitting and was looking for something new to fill my spare time. One day at work, I overheard a group of my friends talking and laughing about something that they had been playing recently. You guess it! It was WoW.

As I listened to them, I couldn't help but feel compelled to play. I resisted for quite some time, but after much prodding I finally went out to a local store and bought myself a copy. Now I did not tell them that I had done so because I wanted it to be a surprise of sorts. My thinking was that I would level my character in secret and then reveal that I was playing. From talking with them at work, I knew the server they played on and so I installed the discs and waited patiently for the game to load.

Upon the game loading, I decided I would create a Dwarf! I loved the little guys and at the time did not realize that my friends were all on the Horde side. So I zoned in for the first time and ran around killing rabbits, because that is what we all do! Right? I had a lot of fun and so thus ended my first day of playing WoW.

How about you guys? Anyone want to share a story of their first day? If so drop a comment letting us know or a link to your own blog where you share the story! Thanks for reading guys and have a wonderful day!


AliPally said...

Hmm I really can't remember my first day at all. I do remember climbing a hill outside Stormwind to have a look around and to marvel at all the secenery, but that was not my first day. It might have been my second!

Ruhtra said...

The only reason I remember my first day is because I was trying to be all secretive about it. Joke was on me though for picking wrong faction on a PVP server. Good memories though. I had a lot of fun back then just doing the silly little things in the game.