Thursday, June 28, 2012

20 - Your Best WoW Memory

Good day to you all! Another Thursday brings another edition of 20! Today's topic is to describe my best WoW memory. This is a hard one actually because there are just so many good memories I have had over the years. As I sit here thinking about it, there are a couple that are battling it out in my mind for top honors.

Naked Tauren Hat Dance

This basically was a night of fun that ended in Nagrand at Garadar where several of us ended up naked with only Don Carlos' Hat adorned upon our bodies. I honestly cannot even remember why we were there or what was going on. What I do know is much fun was had by all and every now and then someone calls out for a naked Tauren hat dance.


This one is memorable only because it involved a rather large scale world PVP battle that started in Hilldbrad and raged across a whole lot of zones. It was your typical battle from back in the day, we attacked South Shore and then the Alliance responded by fighting us back to Tarren Mill. Something though went horribly wrong on this particular night because we ended up getting steam rolled in the fields between the two cities.

We made several attempts to regroup, but quite frankly were just getting our asses pounded by a much larger and equally geared Alliance group. Finally a few of us were able to get up and get to safety, me being one of them. However, I felt bad because the Alliance were still camping our friends and guild mates. So myself and one other person decided we would lure the Alliance away by running through the middle of them. This worked somewhat well, but took a few passes to get them all to give chase. Now usually at this point in the night, the Alliance players would only chase for a while before becoming bored and going on about their business. This night was not one of those nights! I do not remember how, but I ended up alone being chased by at least twenty Alliance players. I ran through no less than seven zones with them chasing. At one point I rode into Silverpine Forest and /yelled RUN to my friends and guild mates who were chilling at the Seplechur. The downside to that was that they were no longer flagged for combat; whereas, I kept running into PVP zones, thus keeping myself flagged. I do not remember how long I ran, but it is the stuff of humorous tails now told to new members.

Well, I could go on reminiscing about the old times and all the fun I had, but what about you guys? What memory stands out in your mind as one of the most fun times you have ever had in the game? Well, I think that does it for me today, I will see you all tomorrow! Hope you have a great rest of your day!

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