Thursday, June 14, 2012

20 - Why Did You Start A Blog?

It is Thursday and that means another edition of the limited series I have titled 20! Today's topic question is why did I start a blog? Well, the really simple answer to this is that I did not feel there was a lot of Holy Paladins out there blogging at the time. I believe I even stated that way back in one of the very first posts I ever wrote around here. Well, since that time I have taken a couple of breaks here and there. So let's change the question to this:

Why did you resume writing your blog?

1. Passion

I think passion is a good word to describe the biggest reason for my return. I like how the Merrium-Webster Dictionary defines it: a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept. Those are extremely descriptive and powerful words, but they do describe how much I truly do enjoy writing.

I remember that when I was growing up, I always loved to write. Whether it was playing school as a child or attempting to keep a journal as a teen. I just enjoyed writing. The only thing was that I enjoyed writing about what I wanted to and not want someone wanted me to. This attitude caused me many an issue during my junior year of high school. I had a teacher, whom every year decided that they needed to save a student. That particular year, it was my turn to be the student. I had this teacher for both my English class and my Journalism class... talk about bad luck!

In English, the teacher wanted us to keep a journal. They wanted us to write about the days activity and to share any personal insight about things we may have been feeling at the time. This completely went against my own beliefs and so every day I would write, "Today was a good day." This did not sit well with the teacher, but it did get me passing grades and allowed me to sidestep their intentions.

The Journalism class was much more difficult to deal with though. She had heard that I did some comics on the side for fun and wanted me to do this for the school's paper. In truth, the comics she had heard about were stick figures of varying degrees of inappropriate jokes. Due to my refusal to do the comics she threatened me with a failing grade. There was only one other option presented to me, and that was writing an editorial piece each and every weak for the school news paper. It was during this time that I truly fell in love with writing opinion based pieces. As much as I hate to credit this teacher with anything, I must admit that they did open my eyes to the joy of writing.

As much as I enjoyed writing, I never really considered it anything more than just something to do when bored. Upon graduating high school, I attended college with the goal of graduating with a business degree. During my freshman year, I took a blocked group of courses. What this did was basically allowed me to take classes with the same group of people and have the instructors of those courses plan the courses more to the direction of business than what they normally would.

It was here, during my English 101 course that I came across a professor who really changed my mind. They had provided us with an assignment to write about a place that we spent a lot of time at. I chose to write about the common grounds of the college campus as I spent several hours between classes there. To this day I still remember the sights and sounds of that place. At any rate, I wrote my paper and the professor simply loved the paper. They loved it so much they asked if I would mind if they had placed into an annual book they published about the campus. I had no issues with that and really appreciated the insight that the professor shared with me throughout the remainder of that course. My only regret is that I never actually purchased the book that the paper was published in. Talk about stupid decisions as a youth.

It is really these two stories which cemented my passion for writing and the blog is the avenue in which I get to release that passion and that is the single biggest reason that I returned to writing here at Holy Shock.

2. Unfinished Business

I am a driven person in life. I hate the feeling that I did not give something everything that I have. When I started writing the blog, I really had no huge plans for the blog aside from just writing. During this time I had also changed jobs, lost my Father, and moved. Those are three huge events that will change your life in ways that you really cannot fully ever be prepared for. To have them hit all at once in that order was extremely difficult for me to deal with. Two things really helped me through that stretch of time: 1) Friends/Family, and 2) Writing.

I poured myself into the blog at first, but because of everything that was going on around me I never felt as though I was able to give 100% of myself to the blog. I think this is evidenced by how much time passed between posts and how random some of the posts truly were back then.

I came back to Holy Shock because I do not want the past to be the representation of who I am. I want people to come to Holy Shock and know that they are going to find something here every day. Do I expect to have Pulitzer stuff written up? Doubtful, because that is not who I am. What I do expect to have up is stuff that comes from the heart and that shows there was some thought put into it. Will every day be a thought provoking post? I doubt it, but I want you to want to check the blog every day to make sure though.

So there you go, those are the two main driving forces behind why I returned to blogging and writing here at Holy Shock. I appreciate you guys stopping in and reading the blog and if you have any questions for me that you would like to see answered, then leave me a comment or email me at Hope you guys have a great day!

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