Saturday, May 19, 2012

What the...

Hell! Yes, I have been in hell! Just like many of you, I have been bashing my keyboard and slaying the minions of Hell in Diablo III (I like the use of "I" rather than "3"). So late last night I ran into our good buddy Izual. You remember that guy right? The good guy lieutenant turned evil embodiment right? Well, what is better than fighting one? How about two?

I do not know what I get these types of things happening when I am not recording, but at least I ran around long enough to snap some screenshots of my ultimate beat down. The best part about this... it happened multiple times.

I did eventually kite the ass off and down this guy, but seriously! Two of them? I think someone at Blizzard may be afraid of Ruhtra the Barbarian! How about you guys, any weird experiences in Diablo like that?

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