Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Brunch (5.20.12)

During my time as a blogger, I have always tried my best not to post anything on the weekends. I do this because I feel like the weekends are a time where we typically have a lot of stuff going on, and reading blogs just doesn't always fit into our schedules. In the last few months though, my views have changed on this. I have started catching myself going online and reading the news, checking in on some of my favorite forums, and yes... even a few blogs.

Over the last few weeks I have spoken about where I want to take Holy Shock and also shared some of the ideas I have for the blog. One of the big things I talked about was the desire to establish a schedule of series. Now this past week was one of the slowest weeks in terms of posts that I have had since I returned to blogging. This was due to some stuff that I shall talk about a little later on, but it got me thinking yesterday about doing a series where I talk a little bit about me and what is going on in my life.

In truth, I have always avoided this sort of thing because I do not want to come across as self centered. It is for that reason why I rarely post anything on my Facebook account and have avoided Twitter like the plague. It is also for those reasons that I am going to move out of my comfort zone and attempt to start branching out. Sunday Brunch is the very first step in that direction.

So by now I am hoping that you understand that this series is going to be more about what is going on in my life than anything else. Now that is not to say that video games will never creep up around here. The exact opposite is true as video games are a large part of my life. The only difference is that the video games are not going to be the main focus of this series.

One of the things I have been debating is how often do I want to do this particular series. At first, I was thinking maybe just once a month. My concern with that is that it may end up reading like a novel, and who really wants to spend hours reading a blog? So for right now I am going to set a goal of doing this on a weekly basis. If it seems rather short or uninteresting, then I will look to push it farther out instead of boring you with mindless dribble. So let's talk about the week that was, since I just wasted a ridiculous amount of time explaining what Sunday Brunch is all about.

I am sure you probably noticed that content was pretty much missing this week. The honest truth is that this was a pretty stressful week that impacted me in a negative way. While I do not want to go into a lot of details, I will say that I have been off work for an extended period of time due to some personal health issues. Unfortunately when things get stressful, it can cause me some very serious issues and the results of those issues are me not being able to do certain things. This past week just happened to be the third week in a row like that.

Aside from my own personal health issues, I had a lot going on around the house. Two years ago I promised my wife that I would buy her a new computer. Then the economy went south and I didn't feel like we had the extra funds to spend on a brand new system. Instead I upgraded the video card and added some extra ram, because we all know that will fix anything right? Well, we have been in a much better position here recently and with all the new games being released I felt it was the right time to get that system. That and what a sweet Mother's Day gift right?

Well, it sounded good in theory! The new computer arrived right on time. I got the system out and started putting it together, only to find the graphics card was complete shit. Talk about a bummer! I called the company we had ordered the system from and sat on hold for forty minutes waiting for them to answer. I am going to be honest and say that I was completely feeling stressed and wanted to rip someone's head off. Fortunately, I did not rip anyone's head off. The tech guy came on the line and immediately apologized for the long wait. He said he was the only guy working and I believe him on that. Yeah, side note... Ruhtra hates waiting. Anyway, I explained the issue with the card and he set me up with a new one that arrived a couple days ago. I installed the new card and the system runs like a dream. If I am being completely honest, then I have to say I am jealous of the new computer.

One of the things I had been wanting to do for a while was to move my computer equipment down to my Dad's old office. Now my Dad was not one for filing his paperwork. His idea for filing was set it somewhere and hope it just magically goes where it belongs. He had been filing this way for probably twenty years too. I had my work cut out for me! The good news is that when things bother me, having something to be focused on, like cleaning the office, is a good thing. I took my issues to the office and worked them out on the office! At the end of the week, I had managed to run the line down for the internet and get everything hooked up! So as I sit here now in my nice and quite office, I can feel a sense of accomplishment. My wife now has a great new system in her own room and I have achieved the beginnings of a man cave!

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