Tuesday, May 1, 2012


So I had this huge post written up about a random dungeon that I had ran last night with a buddy of mine. He was working on getting gear and had some pretty bad luck in terms of groups. Me being the nice guy I am hopped on my Druid and tanked a few for him. During the runs, we ran into a couple of players who were of a lesser degree in terms of social etiquette. Therein was the rant of the whole post. I did not publish it though, and instead chose to take a break. Upon returning and reading the words I wrote, I felt as though the post had no substance. Sure it pointed out all the flaws in their gearing selection and their playstyle, but in the end what good would that have really done?

The simple truth is that it would not have done anything. More to the point, it would have made me just as bad as they are. I had a pretty rotten night last night in terms of some personal stuff. I was awake most of the night and in a pretty foul mood when I decided to begin writing that post. I feel as though that negative attitude was evident in the post itself and ultimately, while making me feel better, would have made me appear to be just as big of an asshole as those whom had slightly irritated me.

So instead I decided to take the higher road and delete what I had written. Now this left me with no post for today, but it did provide me with a moral victory. Well, that and the new reporting system allowed me to notify Blizzard of the poor vocabulary that these two decided to use. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that gives you the most satisfaction.

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