Monday, May 7, 2012

Should Have Been A Different Post

So this post should not be here right now. I had a really nice post all worked up with screenshots where I was going to talk about Minecraft, but then I realized I have never gotten around to laying down the vision I have for Holy Shock! So Minecraft, go sit in the corner and wait your turn!

All kidding aside, I am really enjoying writing again and I wanted to lay down some basic thoughts I had about what all I have planned for the blog. A few years back, when I was blogging full time, I had developed a rotation of weekly series that covered topics like the basics of being a Paladin, guild leadership, a raid recap for my guild, and other such things. Some of these ran for a couple months. I liked the series idea because it was nice and organized. If you did not know I was a closet organization freak, then at least you do now!

At the beginning of April, when I made my mind up to come back to writing the blog, I had decided I wanted to have some sort of structure in place. Now you may wonder why in the world an opinionated blogger needs structure right? Well, the answer is because this opinionated blogger has a lot going on in his life that sometimes can make doing a simple post a really difficult thing. This is where structure enters the picture. You see if I know I am doing a daily, weekly, or monthly type thing, then I can prepare for it over time. This typically means that my thoughts are somewhat more organized and it usually provides a much better reading experience. At least that is the goal!

The other aspect of having a structured blog is so that you guys can know which days you absolutely must read the blog. Now I know that is everyday because I am such a fount of knowledge, right! Right? Alright, moving on...

Right now I have decided that every Monday, except today, we are going to have Minecraft Mondays! What I plan to do in this weekly post is focus on different building projects I have undertaken. Now I am not a professional builder or anything, but I simply have fun with stuff. So if you like Minecraft, then make sure and check the blog out every Monday!

The only other thing I know I have planned out is a series for posting up different forum posts that I find amusing, funny, crazy, or whatever. I am not so sure about which day I am going to do this yet, but I am leaning towards either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Why the weekend? Well, the truth is that a lot of people do not read the blog on the weekends, and so something that is a quick read is ideal, at least in my humble opinion. I may try it out on a couple different days until I get a feel for where I actually want it.

Another thing I have been kicking around is working on a series that focuses on Facebook games. Stop rolling your eyes! There are probably thousands of Facebook games out there, and some of them are not too bad. They are definitely not as complex as WoW right? Well, actually they are. As I have learned over the last year or so, there is a thriving Facebook gaming community out there who love the games they play. I don't quite know if I want this as a weekly thing or maybe bi-monthly. So best thing I can say here is to just keep reading and we shall see.

That is actually a lot of stuff there already, but there is still more! One thing I am definitely looking at doing is focusing on doing a game review type thing. This is one of those giant leap kind of things for me personally. While I love playing games and discussing different aspects about them, I am somewhat hesitant about actually going on record and saying a game sucks or recommending someone to go out and try it. While I am cautious of it, I think that there are probably a lot of great games that both you and I have probably never even heard of and this would be a great way to learn about them. The downside to this is that games can be extremely cheap or extremely expensive, and I am not a man of tremendous wealth. With that being said, I probably will only do this kind of post maybe once per month. So if anyone has a game they were curious about or one that you are hesitant to buy, then drop me a note through the blog and it may end up being covered.

One thing that has been just eating at the back of my brain is the idea of doing a series for the beginner in WoW. WoW has become so massive that sometimes we forget there are new players out there who really don't know anything about the game. I have a friend who had been playing WoW for probably around six months to a year and one day he asked in guild chat how to say something in trade channel. Now I know that sounds really bad, but the truth is that there are a lot of people like that. I think one reason why random dungeon groups are so quiet is because people are afraid to be exposed as being new and they feel that when they ask a question it shines a giant spotlight on them that screams they are dumb. Alright, someone take my soapbox away because I feel a sermon coming on. At any rate, I am definitely looking at doing something like this. My biggest issue is where do you start?

In terms of WoW, aside from the whole beginner guide idea that I have, I plan to dive a little deeper into the beta and I would love to bring you perhaps a highlight of sorts from my adventures in the beta. At this point in time though there are probably thousands of blogs, fan sites, news sites, and what not covering the beta. This makes me wonder what could I really contribute that they are not able to? Well, that answer I honestly do not know and so that is why I am unsure if this is something that I want to do. With the invitations having gone out to so many people, one has to wonder what piece of information is out there that truly would be new or worth covering? Well, if I find it, then you can expect to see it around here, but at present it will be the truly random posts that pop up between the more structured ones that I am looking at doing.

So I think that is all I need to say about the ideas in terms of the blog's structure. I have some other ideas, but they are even less thought out than these I have mentioned already. The bottom line is that I want you guys to know that I plan on doing Holy Shock for quite some time and I am constantly working on ways to better the blog and myself. I want this year to be the best year that Holy Shock has ever seen and I hope you guys stick around for the fun!

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