Monday, May 28, 2012

Minecraft Mondays! 5.28.12

I just want to wish everyone in the States a happy Memorial Day. Stay safe out there today people! Now then, it is a Monday after all and with it being a Monday, that means we need to talk about some Minecraft stuff! This week I put in a lot of work over on our MAS World and here is the results!

I had originally just being piling up a lot of dirt back there because I figured I would not really do much in that direction. I promised myself when I dug my first little hole into the ground that I would not undertake any huge projects. Yeah, we all see how that worked for me huh?

Well, with my building projects getting closer to the giant pile of dirt, I had to come up with something to do with it right? Well, one night I was watching some sort of political commentary and they had the Washington Monument in the background. Then the idea hit me to create a MAS Monument. With this in mind, I used a ton of cobblestone, glass, and lava and built up the monument itself. I then felt it needed something more. That is when it hit me to put the water in, but according to my standards, everything must have fire!

I believe the dimensions are 73 blocks in length, by 15 blocks in width. I dug down four block layers in order to have enough room to lay down the netherblock and have room for the fire on top of it. I had originally intended to use glowstones for this, but felt the fire fit in better with the overall feel of how I prefer to build things. The worst part of all of this was the removal of the terrain in the area. It was a very hilly area and thus I spent most of my time digging and picking my way through the landside. At the end of the day, I feel it turned out great. It looks completely awesome at night in my opinion, and it serves to help me not become lost as I venture out to survey the ground for other projects!

Speaking of other projects, I have two in mind at the moment. The first being creating an actual city which surrounds my current building project. Now this may get a little tricky as I have several people who have built extremely close to where I am currently at. I will need to get with them in order to make sure that they do not mind the thought of a massive city springing up all around them. The second project is to create a very large version of a well known store. This is something that may or may not come to pass. It really just depends on my frame of mind and if I can get it all worked out in my mind. For now, I am making plans for the city as it is something I feel is more manageable. Only time will tell for sure. If anyone out there has any suggestions, or even a challenge for me to build something, then feel free to post it in the comments section! Well guys, that wraps up the post for today, time for me to go enjoy the holiday!

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