Monday, May 21, 2012

Minecraft Mondays! (5.21.12)

It is Monday and so that means its time for Minecraft Mondays! In this week's edition I want to spend some time showing you a little bit of what I have been building over on the MAS Gaming Community's Minecraft Server, MAS World! The very first thing I do when I start on a server is dig myself an underground base and this server was no exception!

My basic goal is to just always make myself a nice little area where I can hide at during night and also dig down! With this particular base I have really build all around, both above and below. The very first thing I did was clear out some space where I made two rooms that I set up to farm wheat and pumpkins from. After all, a hungry miner has to be able to eat right?

After I completed these rooms I worked on setting up a small storage area for the good stuff that we all like to keep nice and safe. Then I started getting a little bit more creative. The first thing I did was create a giant area where I have an entire wall of furnaces!

I refer to it lovingly as the Foundry. I think at last count I have around 64 furnaces in there and I am capable of running almost all of them at full power with a couple stacks of coal and charcoal each. I am completely OCD when it comes to having materials available to use. Although in the near future I am going to be raiding some of that to make a ton of torches for a new project I have in mind.

One night while randomly exploring, I came across a large underground lava lake. If you know me, then you know I love lava and fire! This made me giddy with excitement because it now allowed me to produce a ton of obsidium! Nether here we come!

I like to design everything of mine using cobblestone, fire, and lava. This leads me to coming up with some pretty crazy things. This here picture is of the entrance to the room where my Nether Portal is located. It is a blind leap of faith! Fortunately, I was kind enough to put some water at the bottom so you don't just slam into the ground below. I should warn you that it is pretty much a one way trip though!

If you survive the landing, then you get to tread very carefully to the portal itself. Now you may ask yourself why in the world would I make a room like this? The honest truth is that I did not want to deal with monsters spawning down here. Me and random monsters do not have a good relationship in this game. So what better way to guard against a monster infestation than by setting the entire room on fire?

Now I am not a completely heartless person, I placed a nice water fall located real close to the Nether Portal room so that if you do catch on fire, then you have a slim chance of running back and putting yourself out. I had originally thought of making the path through the room one that would require you to jump from platform to platform; however, my love of Indiana Jones aside, I felt it best not to torture anyone who may need to use my portal to get over there. I should also note that if you happen to fall here on accident, then you can swim up the water to the very top. You have to go extremely quickly though since the portal is located at the bottom of the world!

Now I have shown this room before in my last post, but I just love these little guys and anytime is a good time to show them off. It is also the thing I made after returning from the Nether!

These guys are really cool and I wanted to make some in the worst way, but I had read where sometimes if the server is restarted that they will turn against you. With their ability to punch through doors and having 100 hearts for their health, I felt it best to place them in a room where I could dispose of them if need be. That and a lava room is just so awesome to see!

I felt pretty good with the interior of my base and so I began to focus on my exterior! I wanted something that really just screamed me, and then the idea came to me to build a set of storage buildings that spell my name when lit on fire! This took a lot of patience for me to build, not too mention a ton or two of cobblestone! I think the end result was completely awesome and well worth it! It looks absolutely sweet at night!

This is a fountain of lava, where I died several times making, that I am using to fill a darkened area of my main compound. There shall not be any creepers creeping about my keep! It actually turned out really cool and looks awesome, in my opinion. As you can see, I also finished the wall of my compound as well!

Finally here is how it all stands currently! I added a ridiculously large farm in order to provide food for myself and everyone else on the server. The only thing I ask people is that when they harvest some wheat, that they make sure and plant the seeds back so it is there for others as well. As you can see I am working on completing the walls for the farm currently. In addition to the walls, I plan to cover that large structure in the background in cobblestone as I am going to attempt to make myself a monument of sorts.

Well, I think for the first actual post of this series I have covered a lot with you guys. I have a lot more stuff to show you and that shall have to wait until next week! If you guys play Minecraft and are looking for a server, then send me a message. We are definitely open to having more people on our server and we would be happy to play with you all. Simply shoot me a message either here or to my email (, and we will make sure to get with you about joining us. I shall leave you with one final image!

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