Thursday, May 3, 2012


One of the things I have always found funny when reading blogs or watching YouTube videos is that no one ever wants to appear to be a complete nub about playing whatever game is the subject of their project. Fortunately, for all of you, I do not suffer from that problem.

So as you know, I have been running with a buddy of mine while he has been leveling his new Mage. Well, his Mage hit 85 a day or so back and he has been gathering gear diligently and finally achieved a gear level that permits him to run the Hour of Twilight heroics. So we queued up and ran a couple of the heroics and he acquired some gear and fun was had by all. Well, actually I did not have as much fun as typically because I felt my DPS was much lower than it should have been for my gear level.

So late last night I did some studying from a few different places and discovered a whole lot of things that were wrong with the way I played my Shaman. The spec I had chosen was pretty good, but a few minor tweaks needed to be made to it. The biggest offenses I found for myself was having no glyphs on my characters! Yeah, do I need to say anything else? Yeah, I think I do because somewhere I once read that confession is good for the soul.

In addition to not using glyphs, I also have always used my Water Shield because I was afraid of going out of mana. Yeah, complete nub move there. The funny part is that no one has ever complained or yelled about that. Sure, they can point out if a piece of gear is not optimal on my fresh level 85 Druid, but heaven forbid someone make fun of the Shaman who struggles with mana during runs! Yeah needless to say that meant that there was no use of my Fulmination ability.

Well, at the end of the night.. and it was a long night for non-gaming realted issues, I had respecced, reglyphed, and reworked my rotation. The upside is that my damage jumped tremendously when I was testing it out on the target dummies. So there you go, that is my story of fail for this day. So what about you all? Does anyone else have a tale of nub to tell?

P.S. - Sorry about the late day posts, but things have been kind of weird lately. Hopefully we will get these things back to being posted in the morning!

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