Thursday, May 24, 2012


Around a month or so back I was going through some old links that I had in order to see if I wanted to keep them or not. While doing this I came across a blogger who had done a series called, "20 Days of Warcraft Blogging". I really liked the series and decide that I would do it eventually. Well eventually start right now! The only difference is that I am not going to do this in consecutive days. No, I am going to post this every Thursday until we manage to get all twenty days!

Day 1 - Introduce yourself!

So for day number one, it calls for me to introduce myself. Well, my name is Art and I play video games! I am 34 years old and married to a wonderful woman. Together we have one son who is now 7 and two ACD (Australian Cattle Dogs). I have been writing the blog Holy Shock on and off for almost four years now. I was hooked on blogging by my friend, Fish, who has stopped blogging.

I am currently playing Angry Birds (Facebook version), Backyard Monsters (Facebook version), Castleville (Facebook version), Diablo III, Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced (DS), Minecraft (PC version), World of Tanks, and World of Warcraft.

As this is a series about Warcraft blogging specifically let's talk a little bit about my resume! I currently have nine characters at max level. That amounts to every class except for the Mage. My Mage is level 25 and is on his fourth incarnation. This one might make it to level cap some day. I have been playing WoW since right before the launch of the BC expansion. My main character is my Paladin, Ruhtra. He once had a bad dream that he lived as a Dwarf until level 28. I prefer healing above all other duties, but have spent some time both as a Prot and Ret Pali. My current main realm is Daggerspine US. It is a PVP server that is pretty much dead though and so the guild is currently discussing alternatives.

My favorite character to play, when not on Ruh, is my Rogue, Whoopy! I rolled a Rogue originally because I wanted to camp lowbies. I remember getting one shot by Rogues while leveling and having to look up their names in my combat log. I chose the name Whoopy because of that. I felt it would be funny to see that Whoopy can in fact kill you. Yes, that was an extremely poor attempt at humor.

I have been the guild leader of the Mass Affluent Slayers since its inception. I have poured my blood, sweat, and tears into that guild. I have seen the guild grow from a joke to a very solid raiding guild at the end of the Wrath expansion. Currently the pool of players is light and our server does not offer much hope of recruiting solid candidates. In spite of that, we have managed to take our core group of raiders and clear the Dragon Soul raid tier. I do not write much about that aspect of playing due to being so late in the current tier for clearing.

I think that pretty much sums up everything that I could possibly say, but if you want to know more then check out my very first blog post and my about me page which might possible have a little bit more information about me!

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