Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Servers Are Down!

Every game I have tried to play today has resulted in some sort of "Weekly Maintenance" or "Error". I think I may need to find me some new games! Any suggestions? Well, in lieu of having been extremely lazy and not having take the proper time to prepare a post for today, I leave you with my Moon Guard experience...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Minecraft Mondays! 5.28.12

I just want to wish everyone in the States a happy Memorial Day. Stay safe out there today people! Now then, it is a Monday after all and with it being a Monday, that means we need to talk about some Minecraft stuff! This week I put in a lot of work over on our MAS World and here is the results!

I had originally just being piling up a lot of dirt back there because I figured I would not really do much in that direction. I promised myself when I dug my first little hole into the ground that I would not undertake any huge projects. Yeah, we all see how that worked for me huh?

Well, with my building projects getting closer to the giant pile of dirt, I had to come up with something to do with it right? Well, one night I was watching some sort of political commentary and they had the Washington Monument in the background. Then the idea hit me to create a MAS Monument. With this in mind, I used a ton of cobblestone, glass, and lava and built up the monument itself. I then felt it needed something more. That is when it hit me to put the water in, but according to my standards, everything must have fire!

I believe the dimensions are 73 blocks in length, by 15 blocks in width. I dug down four block layers in order to have enough room to lay down the netherblock and have room for the fire on top of it. I had originally intended to use glowstones for this, but felt the fire fit in better with the overall feel of how I prefer to build things. The worst part of all of this was the removal of the terrain in the area. It was a very hilly area and thus I spent most of my time digging and picking my way through the landside. At the end of the day, I feel it turned out great. It looks completely awesome at night in my opinion, and it serves to help me not become lost as I venture out to survey the ground for other projects!

Speaking of other projects, I have two in mind at the moment. The first being creating an actual city which surrounds my current building project. Now this may get a little tricky as I have several people who have built extremely close to where I am currently at. I will need to get with them in order to make sure that they do not mind the thought of a massive city springing up all around them. The second project is to create a very large version of a well known store. This is something that may or may not come to pass. It really just depends on my frame of mind and if I can get it all worked out in my mind. For now, I am making plans for the city as it is something I feel is more manageable. Only time will tell for sure. If anyone out there has any suggestions, or even a challenge for me to build something, then feel free to post it in the comments section! Well guys, that wraps up the post for today, time for me to go enjoy the holiday!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Brunch 5.27.12

This week seems as though it flew by so quickly. In truth though, that may be a good thing because it means nothing actually stressed me out too bad. My son's last day of school was Wednesday and that has definitely livened things up around the house for the last few days. I am really trying my hardest to not be short with him, but he definitely tries my patience sometimes. I figure I will give him a pass on some things because it is the end of school year excitement that is wearing off and I do not want to ruin that for him; however, by next week the summer rules are going to be more strictly enforced so that he and the rest of the family can get into a good routine.

Speaking of routines, how are guys liking the new series that have been launched around here? I know I am really enjoying having more of a structure to write within. I honestly feel like the quality of the posts have really improved from this change and hope to continue it going forward. One thing I noticed when I was looking things over was that the writing has been a little light in terms of healing and Paladin content. The reason for this is because I do not feel there is enough relevant new information to write about at the present. Now that does not mean that something will not pop up every now and then, but I just do not feel there is enough to warrant devoting an ongoing series at this time. I do expect this to change in the near future as more information is released through the beta. Now having said that, I do have some plans going forward to devote some time to a couple series that are focused on WoW and more specifically playing particular classes and filling the roles that those classes have available. Stay tuned for more information on that!

Well, this week was a good week for me as I cleared a lot more of the clutter from what is slowly beginning to resemble a really nice office (or man cave if you will). I cleared out the largest bulk of the old paperwork this past week and then treated myself to a reward. A new small refrigerator! Nothing better than gaming with ice cold drinks at hand. Next up on the list of renovations is to replace a window that is probably 50 years old! I desperately need this because summer is coming on quickly and ninety degrees with humidity is a bit much to bare without some form of air conditioning. With that in mind, I have a gentleman coming out from a local store to take measurements at the first part of this week. Hopefully I can then get the window installed by the end of the week and have a new window air conditioning unit installed soon after! High five for not sweating while gaming!

Speaking of sweat, it was so miserably humid the other day that it looked like I went for a swim in the river after spending a couple hours out in the yard planting flours. While the weather was miserably, planting perennials will certainly be a great thing come next year when I do not have to repeat this grueling process. Next up on the list is probably getting some vegetables planted. I have a small side area to the yard which gets a large amount of sunlight and I think it would be perfect to plant some tomato plants!

Well, as you can see not a whole lot has been going on with me this week aside from just some housework. That actually is a blessing after the prior three weeks I had. Well, if you are here in the States, then you will be celebrating Memorial Day on Monday. I hope you all have a great holiday. Stay safe and if you know a Veteran (past or present), make sure and thank them for their contribution for your freedoms. To everyone, hope you had a great weekend and an even better Monday!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Reviews: Weebly

Quite frankly I hate the title, but I like the concept! So what is Saturday Reviews exactly? Well, this is the day that I will talk about services that I use, equipment that I have bought, add-ons that I support, and a whole other bunch of stuff like that. When I review something, I will be straight forward and completely honest with you guys. If it is a case where I have an affiliation/association, then I will also disclose that to you guys as well. Alright? Then let's begin shall we?

Today's review is going to be focused on the services of Weebly. I am a member of the Weebly affiliate program, just so you guys do know this. As a member of their affiliate program, I am only compensated if someone buys a service by clicking on the link I have located on my blog. I do not receive any compensation for someone who simply goes and looks at their site or opens up a free Weebly web page. I felt that important to share with you guys. I only recently joined that program, but I have been a user of Weebly services since June of 2009. So the big question is why?

The main reason I chose to go with Weebly above any other service that was out there at the time was because of their easy to use platform. I knew very little about using HTML at the time and the ability to just move my cursor, click on something, drag it to where I wanted it, and then drop it into the webpage was simply awesome. On top of that, it was free! Nothing beats free right?

Speaking of free, here is a list of all the drag and drop features you get with your free Weebly webpage:

  • Paragraph w/Title
  • Paragraph w/Picture
  • Picture
  • Title
  • Paragraph
  • Contact Form
  • Multiple Columns (Which I use to have so much fun with by the way!)
  • Custom HTML
  • *Button
  • Photo Gallery
  • Slideshow
  • File
  • Flash
  • Google Maps
  • YouTube Video (Not really sure what this does since I always used the embed code from YouTube.)
  • Google AdSense
  • Product Block
  • Product Small
  • Product Regular
  • Product Large
  • Divider
  • Feed Reader
  • RSVP Form
  • Survey
  • Hundreds of Themes
  • Multiple Pages
  • Ability to add Site Editors
  • All sorts of settings to optimize the ability for web browsers to find your page
  • Blog

* I marked the button because this is kind of cool. You can place whatever kind of text on the button you would like to and then have it direct to a link that you have preset. It is pretty basic, but depending on what kind of website you have, that could be useful.

The thing that always amazed me was how powerful these tools really are. As I started learning how to create HTML code, it really opened up a lot of room to customize the site you are working on. For instance, you can use the column code and then insert other items inside of it.There is just so much potential in these tools and that potential only grows every year as they continue to bring out new features.

So with all those awesome features you may have noticed that I have my blog located here instead of there. The simple truth is that a lot of my readers, at the time, were unable to view Holy Shock on Weebly due to security at their company's work location. I truly believe that the majority of us do in fact read blogs during the day while working, and so I felt it best to keep the blog easy to access for you guys.

That having been said, I did purchase my domain through Weebly. I shopped around and compared pricing between some of the larger, more well known domain services, but at the end of the day Weebly simply beat them hands down in terms of pricing and customer service.

Customer service is a huge part of my life and when I find a company who responds efficiently and quickly to my inquiries, they have me for life as a customer.. unless their prices become unreasonable. Which I am happy to say is not the case currently, and I hope it never is the case. The truth is that I really have nothing but great things to say about this company and the services that they offer. If you are looking for an easy to use website creation service, then I would recommend checking them out.

As a side note, I didn't even go into talking about what their paid services offer because I believe that if you try to free service, then you will know that their paid service is just as good. If you decide to check them out, then please feel free to click the link here on Holy Shock!

Have a great weekend guys!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Forum Fridays 5.25.12

I rarely go onto my server's forums now days. The reason is that the server had long stopped being active on the WoW forums, but I was extremely bored the other day and so I decided to take a peek and I found this:

This post amused me for two reasons, the first being that we in MAS have finally realized that the server has hit the point where there are just not enough P.U.G.s available to fill the open spots that arise when the guild raids. The second is because I loved those wrestling segments where Ron shows up and hollars "DAMN!".

Have a great weekend guys!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Around a month or so back I was going through some old links that I had in order to see if I wanted to keep them or not. While doing this I came across a blogger who had done a series called, "20 Days of Warcraft Blogging". I really liked the series and decide that I would do it eventually. Well eventually start right now! The only difference is that I am not going to do this in consecutive days. No, I am going to post this every Thursday until we manage to get all twenty days!

Day 1 - Introduce yourself!

So for day number one, it calls for me to introduce myself. Well, my name is Art and I play video games! I am 34 years old and married to a wonderful woman. Together we have one son who is now 7 and two ACD (Australian Cattle Dogs). I have been writing the blog Holy Shock on and off for almost four years now. I was hooked on blogging by my friend, Fish, who has stopped blogging.

I am currently playing Angry Birds (Facebook version), Backyard Monsters (Facebook version), Castleville (Facebook version), Diablo III, Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced (DS), Minecraft (PC version), World of Tanks, and World of Warcraft.

As this is a series about Warcraft blogging specifically let's talk a little bit about my resume! I currently have nine characters at max level. That amounts to every class except for the Mage. My Mage is level 25 and is on his fourth incarnation. This one might make it to level cap some day. I have been playing WoW since right before the launch of the BC expansion. My main character is my Paladin, Ruhtra. He once had a bad dream that he lived as a Dwarf until level 28. I prefer healing above all other duties, but have spent some time both as a Prot and Ret Pali. My current main realm is Daggerspine US. It is a PVP server that is pretty much dead though and so the guild is currently discussing alternatives.

My favorite character to play, when not on Ruh, is my Rogue, Whoopy! I rolled a Rogue originally because I wanted to camp lowbies. I remember getting one shot by Rogues while leveling and having to look up their names in my combat log. I chose the name Whoopy because of that. I felt it would be funny to see that Whoopy can in fact kill you. Yes, that was an extremely poor attempt at humor.

I have been the guild leader of the Mass Affluent Slayers since its inception. I have poured my blood, sweat, and tears into that guild. I have seen the guild grow from a joke to a very solid raiding guild at the end of the Wrath expansion. Currently the pool of players is light and our server does not offer much hope of recruiting solid candidates. In spite of that, we have managed to take our core group of raiders and clear the Dragon Soul raid tier. I do not write much about that aspect of playing due to being so late in the current tier for clearing.

I think that pretty much sums up everything that I could possibly say, but if you want to know more then check out my very first blog post and my about me page which might possible have a little bit more information about me!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's That?

I wanted to talk today about something that has been weighing on my mind here lately. It is one of those topics that I feel a lot of bloggers have an opinion on, but rarely do we ever talk openly about it. The topic I am referring to is advertisements on a blog. Over the years, I have seen a wide range of opinions expressed upon this topic, but have remained silent myself. The reason for my silence is because I can see both sides of this opinion.

I understand the feelings of those who prefer not to have advertisement, or see advertisements upon blogs. Many a time have I looked at a brand new blog and immediately left it because I saw an advertisement for something I did not agree with. Typically the ads would involve gold sellers, power leveling, or something that I felt degraded the true spirit of the game that the blog was focused on. There has been some occasions where I have stopped reading a blog (or website) because I felt as if they are being influenced by the items they advertise. Now granted these are typically more associated with technical blogs/websites, but there has been the occasional gaming blog where this has happened as well.

On the other hand, I also can understand why someone may choose to allow ads on their sites. There is an underlying cost to the hobby that these blogs cover, and any amount of revenue that can help offset the cost of upgrading the blog, website, or computer equipment is a good thing. The real trick becomes how to safely monitor what is being advertised and does it seem like the focus of the blog shifted from being about the love of the hobby to being more concerned about making money off of the hobby.

To me, I have always shied away from allowing ads because of that last part. I never want anyone to feel like the focus of Holy Shock is anything other than being about having fun and playing video games. Lately though I have really been looking into the possibilities of placing some ads here on Holy Shock to help cover the cost of the domain name and some minor equipment upgrades. After really thinking about this, I decided on looking into affiliate programs. An affiliate program is a type of referral where you place an ad on your page. If someone then clicks on that add and decides to make a purchase, then the referring site will be compensated for the referral.

I have decided to start out with affiliate ads for the time being for a couple reasons. The first reason is that with affiliate ads, I make the sole decision of what ads will or will not appear on the blog. Secondly, the affiliates I add will all be companies with whom I have dealt with personally. This means that I can vouch for their services. To me that is extremely important.

So what does this mean for you guys? Not a whole lot. I simply wanted to make sure that you guys knew my reasoning behind placing ads here on the blog. Any company or product that I will have an affiliation with, will be located under the "Recommended Services" section. If you are looking for a particular service and you see it listed there, then you can go check them out and help out Holy Shock if you decide to make a purchase.

I just have one other quick thing to talk about with this and then I promise I am done! As you guys know, I have been working on bringing out different series in order to allow you guys to know what content will be up on the blog on certain days. With the roll out of placing ads on the site, I am going to start providing reviews about the products and services on Saturdays. As this is something that is extremely fresh I do not even have a name for the series, but make sure and check the blog out on Saturdays to find reviews for products and services. I will probably expand the reviews to include all products and services that I use because I believe in letting people know about the good stuff that is out there!

As always if you guys have any comments or questions, don't hesitate to leave them here on the blog or email me at Ruhtra@HolyShock.com! Hope you guys have a great humpday!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Diablo III Has An Easy Mode?

Alright, so I really couldn't think of a clever title for this post; however, we are definitely going to talk a little bit about Diablo III today! I actually just wanted to take some time and share with you something that I only recently discovered and that is Elective Mode!

Now I had heard plenty of videos and read a few write ups about the mode, but I never really understood it. Hell, I even read the damn tool tip and didn't catch what it meant. In short, Elective Mode allows you to have any skill that you have learned positioned under any key on your bar. Well, because I did not figure this out until right before my fight with Diablo, I decided I would do a small walkthrough on how to activate this mode for anyone else who may not know or understand.

1. Open up your game menu options screen by hitting your ESC key or by selecting the option on your game screen. The following screen will appear.

2. On your option menu, move your mouse to the Elective Mode box and select it as shown in the below screen shot.

3. With this mode now activated, you will want to load your character that you wish to now play and open the skill menu. As you can see from the screen shot below, I have my Barbarian's skill menu open and it is currently set with my primary skill being set to Frenzy and the secondary skill being set to Seismic Slam.

4. What you now want to do is go in and select a skill that you wish to change. For the purposes of this walkthrough, I have chosen to work with my secondary skill as demonstrated in the following screenshot.

5. At this point, you should now see two new arrows on your skill menu. They will be located at the top of the screen on each side of your skills for that particular skill set (primary, secondary, and numbers 1 - 4). In addition to these, you will also see a yellow arrow at the bottom of your screen that is hovering over the current skill set that you are configuring. For the purposes of this walkthrough, I have chosen to select Cleave (from my primary skill set) as my secondary skill.

All that is left to do now is close the skill menu and go kick some devil ass! With the Elective Mode activated, your combination of skills now becomes astronomical. This mode probably could have saved me quite a bit of work during my initial play in normal mode. Unfortunately, I did not understand this mode's capabilities until right before my Diablo encounter. Well that is all I have for today guys. I hope this walkthrough has been helpful! If you guys want to see more stuff like this in the future, then make sure and comment or email me at Ruhtra@HolyShock.com to let me know!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Minecraft Mondays! (5.21.12)

It is Monday and so that means its time for Minecraft Mondays! In this week's edition I want to spend some time showing you a little bit of what I have been building over on the MAS Gaming Community's Minecraft Server, MAS World! The very first thing I do when I start on a server is dig myself an underground base and this server was no exception!

My basic goal is to just always make myself a nice little area where I can hide at during night and also dig down! With this particular base I have really build all around, both above and below. The very first thing I did was clear out some space where I made two rooms that I set up to farm wheat and pumpkins from. After all, a hungry miner has to be able to eat right?

After I completed these rooms I worked on setting up a small storage area for the good stuff that we all like to keep nice and safe. Then I started getting a little bit more creative. The first thing I did was create a giant area where I have an entire wall of furnaces!

I refer to it lovingly as the Foundry. I think at last count I have around 64 furnaces in there and I am capable of running almost all of them at full power with a couple stacks of coal and charcoal each. I am completely OCD when it comes to having materials available to use. Although in the near future I am going to be raiding some of that to make a ton of torches for a new project I have in mind.

One night while randomly exploring, I came across a large underground lava lake. If you know me, then you know I love lava and fire! This made me giddy with excitement because it now allowed me to produce a ton of obsidium! Nether here we come!

I like to design everything of mine using cobblestone, fire, and lava. This leads me to coming up with some pretty crazy things. This here picture is of the entrance to the room where my Nether Portal is located. It is a blind leap of faith! Fortunately, I was kind enough to put some water at the bottom so you don't just slam into the ground below. I should warn you that it is pretty much a one way trip though!

If you survive the landing, then you get to tread very carefully to the portal itself. Now you may ask yourself why in the world would I make a room like this? The honest truth is that I did not want to deal with monsters spawning down here. Me and random monsters do not have a good relationship in this game. So what better way to guard against a monster infestation than by setting the entire room on fire?

Now I am not a completely heartless person, I placed a nice water fall located real close to the Nether Portal room so that if you do catch on fire, then you have a slim chance of running back and putting yourself out. I had originally thought of making the path through the room one that would require you to jump from platform to platform; however, my love of Indiana Jones aside, I felt it best not to torture anyone who may need to use my portal to get over there. I should also note that if you happen to fall here on accident, then you can swim up the water to the very top. You have to go extremely quickly though since the portal is located at the bottom of the world!

Now I have shown this room before in my last post, but I just love these little guys and anytime is a good time to show them off. It is also the thing I made after returning from the Nether!

These guys are really cool and I wanted to make some in the worst way, but I had read where sometimes if the server is restarted that they will turn against you. With their ability to punch through doors and having 100 hearts for their health, I felt it best to place them in a room where I could dispose of them if need be. That and a lava room is just so awesome to see!

I felt pretty good with the interior of my base and so I began to focus on my exterior! I wanted something that really just screamed me, and then the idea came to me to build a set of storage buildings that spell my name when lit on fire! This took a lot of patience for me to build, not too mention a ton or two of cobblestone! I think the end result was completely awesome and well worth it! It looks absolutely sweet at night!

This is a fountain of lava, where I died several times making, that I am using to fill a darkened area of my main compound. There shall not be any creepers creeping about my keep! It actually turned out really cool and looks awesome, in my opinion. As you can see, I also finished the wall of my compound as well!

Finally here is how it all stands currently! I added a ridiculously large farm in order to provide food for myself and everyone else on the server. The only thing I ask people is that when they harvest some wheat, that they make sure and plant the seeds back so it is there for others as well. As you can see I am working on completing the walls for the farm currently. In addition to the walls, I plan to cover that large structure in the background in cobblestone as I am going to attempt to make myself a monument of sorts.

Well, I think for the first actual post of this series I have covered a lot with you guys. I have a lot more stuff to show you and that shall have to wait until next week! If you guys play Minecraft and are looking for a server, then send me a message. We are definitely open to having more people on our server and we would be happy to play with you all. Simply shoot me a message either here or to my email (Ruhtra@HolyShock.com), and we will make sure to get with you about joining us. I shall leave you with one final image!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Brunch (5.20.12)

During my time as a blogger, I have always tried my best not to post anything on the weekends. I do this because I feel like the weekends are a time where we typically have a lot of stuff going on, and reading blogs just doesn't always fit into our schedules. In the last few months though, my views have changed on this. I have started catching myself going online and reading the news, checking in on some of my favorite forums, and yes... even a few blogs.

Over the last few weeks I have spoken about where I want to take Holy Shock and also shared some of the ideas I have for the blog. One of the big things I talked about was the desire to establish a schedule of series. Now this past week was one of the slowest weeks in terms of posts that I have had since I returned to blogging. This was due to some stuff that I shall talk about a little later on, but it got me thinking yesterday about doing a series where I talk a little bit about me and what is going on in my life.

In truth, I have always avoided this sort of thing because I do not want to come across as self centered. It is for that reason why I rarely post anything on my Facebook account and have avoided Twitter like the plague. It is also for those reasons that I am going to move out of my comfort zone and attempt to start branching out. Sunday Brunch is the very first step in that direction.

So by now I am hoping that you understand that this series is going to be more about what is going on in my life than anything else. Now that is not to say that video games will never creep up around here. The exact opposite is true as video games are a large part of my life. The only difference is that the video games are not going to be the main focus of this series.

One of the things I have been debating is how often do I want to do this particular series. At first, I was thinking maybe just once a month. My concern with that is that it may end up reading like a novel, and who really wants to spend hours reading a blog? So for right now I am going to set a goal of doing this on a weekly basis. If it seems rather short or uninteresting, then I will look to push it farther out instead of boring you with mindless dribble. So let's talk about the week that was, since I just wasted a ridiculous amount of time explaining what Sunday Brunch is all about.

I am sure you probably noticed that content was pretty much missing this week. The honest truth is that this was a pretty stressful week that impacted me in a negative way. While I do not want to go into a lot of details, I will say that I have been off work for an extended period of time due to some personal health issues. Unfortunately when things get stressful, it can cause me some very serious issues and the results of those issues are me not being able to do certain things. This past week just happened to be the third week in a row like that.

Aside from my own personal health issues, I had a lot going on around the house. Two years ago I promised my wife that I would buy her a new computer. Then the economy went south and I didn't feel like we had the extra funds to spend on a brand new system. Instead I upgraded the video card and added some extra ram, because we all know that will fix anything right? Well, we have been in a much better position here recently and with all the new games being released I felt it was the right time to get that system. That and what a sweet Mother's Day gift right?

Well, it sounded good in theory! The new computer arrived right on time. I got the system out and started putting it together, only to find the graphics card was complete shit. Talk about a bummer! I called the company we had ordered the system from and sat on hold for forty minutes waiting for them to answer. I am going to be honest and say that I was completely feeling stressed and wanted to rip someone's head off. Fortunately, I did not rip anyone's head off. The tech guy came on the line and immediately apologized for the long wait. He said he was the only guy working and I believe him on that. Yeah, side note... Ruhtra hates waiting. Anyway, I explained the issue with the card and he set me up with a new one that arrived a couple days ago. I installed the new card and the system runs like a dream. If I am being completely honest, then I have to say I am jealous of the new computer.

One of the things I had been wanting to do for a while was to move my computer equipment down to my Dad's old office. Now my Dad was not one for filing his paperwork. His idea for filing was set it somewhere and hope it just magically goes where it belongs. He had been filing this way for probably twenty years too. I had my work cut out for me! The good news is that when things bother me, having something to be focused on, like cleaning the office, is a good thing. I took my issues to the office and worked them out on the office! At the end of the week, I had managed to run the line down for the internet and get everything hooked up! So as I sit here now in my nice and quite office, I can feel a sense of accomplishment. My wife now has a great new system in her own room and I have achieved the beginnings of a man cave!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What the...

Hell! Yes, I have been in hell! Just like many of you, I have been bashing my keyboard and slaying the minions of Hell in Diablo III (I like the use of "I" rather than "3"). So late last night I ran into our good buddy Izual. You remember that guy right? The good guy lieutenant turned evil embodiment right? Well, what is better than fighting one? How about two?

I do not know what I get these types of things happening when I am not recording, but at least I ran around long enough to snap some screenshots of my ultimate beat down. The best part about this... it happened multiple times.

I did eventually kite the ass off and down this guy, but seriously! Two of them? I think someone at Blizzard may be afraid of Ruhtra the Barbarian! How about you guys, any weird experiences in Diablo like that?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Forum Fridays 2

I have to admit that I found this post to be absolutely hysterical! Did you guys think I would forget? Really!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Forum Fridays!

I am proudly introducing a new ongoing series here at Holy Shock called Forum Fridays! I spend more time than I probably should reading different forums for different games and over the years I have seen some pretty funny forum posts. As I was reading the WoW forums this past week, I came across this particular post and could not help but find it amusing. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

This is one of those horribly written posts that are far too common place on most forums now days. The thing that really amused me was the very first response. How about you guys, seen any amusing posts lately? Want to share them? If so, then just shoot me a link to the forum or send me a picture of the post and I will be sure to include your name with the forum in a future edition of Forum Fridays!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yesterday Was A Good Day

As the title says, I had an extremely good day yesterday. After some really bad days, it was a pleasant relief to feel that great at the end of a day. So why was the day so good? Well, first the new computer arrived for my wife and very shortly it will be assembled and ready for her use. As for me, well I woke up yesterday and spent the entire day working in my soon to be new office! I feel like a little kid at Christmas. I have been working on that room for probably a month or more and now that it is within range I am unbelievably excited. All that is left is to run the internet to the office and move the equipment and I should be good to go.

Now I was already pretty happy with my day, but it only got better for me! Late in the evening I was digging the grand canyon in Minecraft, when I heard my wife talking with some guild members in Mumble. Their discussion centered around a lack of people raiding. Now I knew a guild sponsored PuG had cleared to Death Wing and I assumed that was the focus of the conversation. I asked if they needed my help and shortly thereafter logged on to my Paladin to attempt to help them.

The group made their first attempt on Death Wing and made it to the head where something happened to our tank who went from 100% health to zero in one hit. I was not really sure what caused it, but was fairly confident that it was not due to healing, although I may be biased there. The second attempt saw Death Wing go down. I was really happy to offer my help because I wanted to the guild members who had put the effort into the raid get the kill finally. As my reward I won the Maw of the Dragonlord.

Overall it was a really good day. I am sore as heck from the work and tired from staying up to raid, but I think it was well worth it.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Should Have Been A Different Post

So this post should not be here right now. I had a really nice post all worked up with screenshots where I was going to talk about Minecraft, but then I realized I have never gotten around to laying down the vision I have for Holy Shock! So Minecraft, go sit in the corner and wait your turn!

All kidding aside, I am really enjoying writing again and I wanted to lay down some basic thoughts I had about what all I have planned for the blog. A few years back, when I was blogging full time, I had developed a rotation of weekly series that covered topics like the basics of being a Paladin, guild leadership, a raid recap for my guild, and other such things. Some of these ran for a couple months. I liked the series idea because it was nice and organized. If you did not know I was a closet organization freak, then at least you do now!

At the beginning of April, when I made my mind up to come back to writing the blog, I had decided I wanted to have some sort of structure in place. Now you may wonder why in the world an opinionated blogger needs structure right? Well, the answer is because this opinionated blogger has a lot going on in his life that sometimes can make doing a simple post a really difficult thing. This is where structure enters the picture. You see if I know I am doing a daily, weekly, or monthly type thing, then I can prepare for it over time. This typically means that my thoughts are somewhat more organized and it usually provides a much better reading experience. At least that is the goal!

The other aspect of having a structured blog is so that you guys can know which days you absolutely must read the blog. Now I know that is everyday because I am such a fount of knowledge, right! Right? Alright, moving on...

Right now I have decided that every Monday, except today, we are going to have Minecraft Mondays! What I plan to do in this weekly post is focus on different building projects I have undertaken. Now I am not a professional builder or anything, but I simply have fun with stuff. So if you like Minecraft, then make sure and check the blog out every Monday!

The only other thing I know I have planned out is a series for posting up different forum posts that I find amusing, funny, crazy, or whatever. I am not so sure about which day I am going to do this yet, but I am leaning towards either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Why the weekend? Well, the truth is that a lot of people do not read the blog on the weekends, and so something that is a quick read is ideal, at least in my humble opinion. I may try it out on a couple different days until I get a feel for where I actually want it.

Another thing I have been kicking around is working on a series that focuses on Facebook games. Stop rolling your eyes! There are probably thousands of Facebook games out there, and some of them are not too bad. They are definitely not as complex as WoW right? Well, actually they are. As I have learned over the last year or so, there is a thriving Facebook gaming community out there who love the games they play. I don't quite know if I want this as a weekly thing or maybe bi-monthly. So best thing I can say here is to just keep reading and we shall see.

That is actually a lot of stuff there already, but there is still more! One thing I am definitely looking at doing is focusing on doing a game review type thing. This is one of those giant leap kind of things for me personally. While I love playing games and discussing different aspects about them, I am somewhat hesitant about actually going on record and saying a game sucks or recommending someone to go out and try it. While I am cautious of it, I think that there are probably a lot of great games that both you and I have probably never even heard of and this would be a great way to learn about them. The downside to this is that games can be extremely cheap or extremely expensive, and I am not a man of tremendous wealth. With that being said, I probably will only do this kind of post maybe once per month. So if anyone has a game they were curious about or one that you are hesitant to buy, then drop me a note through the blog and it may end up being covered.

One thing that has been just eating at the back of my brain is the idea of doing a series for the beginner in WoW. WoW has become so massive that sometimes we forget there are new players out there who really don't know anything about the game. I have a friend who had been playing WoW for probably around six months to a year and one day he asked in guild chat how to say something in trade channel. Now I know that sounds really bad, but the truth is that there are a lot of people like that. I think one reason why random dungeon groups are so quiet is because people are afraid to be exposed as being new and they feel that when they ask a question it shines a giant spotlight on them that screams they are dumb. Alright, someone take my soapbox away because I feel a sermon coming on. At any rate, I am definitely looking at doing something like this. My biggest issue is where do you start?

In terms of WoW, aside from the whole beginner guide idea that I have, I plan to dive a little deeper into the beta and I would love to bring you perhaps a highlight of sorts from my adventures in the beta. At this point in time though there are probably thousands of blogs, fan sites, news sites, and what not covering the beta. This makes me wonder what could I really contribute that they are not able to? Well, that answer I honestly do not know and so that is why I am unsure if this is something that I want to do. With the invitations having gone out to so many people, one has to wonder what piece of information is out there that truly would be new or worth covering? Well, if I find it, then you can expect to see it around here, but at present it will be the truly random posts that pop up between the more structured ones that I am looking at doing.

So I think that is all I need to say about the ideas in terms of the blog's structure. I have some other ideas, but they are even less thought out than these I have mentioned already. The bottom line is that I want you guys to know that I plan on doing Holy Shock for quite some time and I am constantly working on ways to better the blog and myself. I want this year to be the best year that Holy Shock has ever seen and I hope you guys stick around for the fun!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Screenshot Friday!

This pretty much sums up why no one really wants to build their houses near me in Minecraft.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


One of the things I have always found funny when reading blogs or watching YouTube videos is that no one ever wants to appear to be a complete nub about playing whatever game is the subject of their project. Fortunately, for all of you, I do not suffer from that problem.

So as you know, I have been running with a buddy of mine while he has been leveling his new Mage. Well, his Mage hit 85 a day or so back and he has been gathering gear diligently and finally achieved a gear level that permits him to run the Hour of Twilight heroics. So we queued up and ran a couple of the heroics and he acquired some gear and fun was had by all. Well, actually I did not have as much fun as typically because I felt my DPS was much lower than it should have been for my gear level.

So late last night I did some studying from a few different places and discovered a whole lot of things that were wrong with the way I played my Shaman. The spec I had chosen was pretty good, but a few minor tweaks needed to be made to it. The biggest offenses I found for myself was having no glyphs on my characters! Yeah, do I need to say anything else? Yeah, I think I do because somewhere I once read that confession is good for the soul.

In addition to not using glyphs, I also have always used my Water Shield because I was afraid of going out of mana. Yeah, complete nub move there. The funny part is that no one has ever complained or yelled about that. Sure, they can point out if a piece of gear is not optimal on my fresh level 85 Druid, but heaven forbid someone make fun of the Shaman who struggles with mana during runs! Yeah needless to say that meant that there was no use of my Fulmination ability.

Well, at the end of the night.. and it was a long night for non-gaming realted issues, I had respecced, reglyphed, and reworked my rotation. The upside is that my damage jumped tremendously when I was testing it out on the target dummies. So there you go, that is my story of fail for this day. So what about you all? Does anyone else have a tale of nub to tell?

P.S. - Sorry about the late day posts, but things have been kind of weird lately. Hopefully we will get these things back to being posted in the morning!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


So I had this huge post written up about a random dungeon that I had ran last night with a buddy of mine. He was working on getting gear and had some pretty bad luck in terms of groups. Me being the nice guy I am hopped on my Druid and tanked a few for him. During the runs, we ran into a couple of players who were of a lesser degree in terms of social etiquette. Therein was the rant of the whole post. I did not publish it though, and instead chose to take a break. Upon returning and reading the words I wrote, I felt as though the post had no substance. Sure it pointed out all the flaws in their gearing selection and their playstyle, but in the end what good would that have really done?

The simple truth is that it would not have done anything. More to the point, it would have made me just as bad as they are. I had a pretty rotten night last night in terms of some personal stuff. I was awake most of the night and in a pretty foul mood when I decided to begin writing that post. I feel as though that negative attitude was evident in the post itself and ultimately, while making me feel better, would have made me appear to be just as big of an asshole as those whom had slightly irritated me.

So instead I decided to take the higher road and delete what I had written. Now this left me with no post for today, but it did provide me with a moral victory. Well, that and the new reporting system allowed me to notify Blizzard of the poor vocabulary that these two decided to use. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that gives you the most satisfaction.