Friday, April 20, 2012

World's Worst Warrior

So a couple days ago I hit level 85 in glorious battle! The thing is, I feel as though I am probably the world's worst Warrior. I think I have a pretty solid grasp of the basics for the arms spec, but for whatever reason I seem unable to get my fingers to work properly. On top of that, the class feels really slow to me. When I compare Galran to Whoopy (Rogue) or Methusaleh (DK), I feel much more active and in a flow. Does that make sense?

So I am asking for any tips and tricks that you guys might know to help me improve my skill. Is there a good reference that you guys go to? Do you know of any macros that might help a flailing Warrior out? If so then leave a comment or shoot me an email because the Light knows that Galran needs all the help he can get!

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