Thursday, April 26, 2012

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Beta - I Thought I Had To Catch Them All

So yesterday I logged into the MoP Beta excited to check out the new pet battle system! Sadly, the beta has been slightly unstable and crashing repeatedly and so I was not able to do a whole lot, but I did want to share what I was able to find out with you guys!

The first thing to take note is that the Pet Battle system has a trainer. The Horde Pet Battle trainer is located inside of Razor Hill.
I do not play Alliance, but the counterpart trainer is located in Goldshire near the blacksmith. There you go, never say I don't show any love for the Alliance. Unfortunately due to the connectivity issues Blizzard took the system offline and it was not back up while I had time to test it out.
My understanding is that they will be bringing the beta down again today and hopefully this will cure the connectivity issue and also allow them to reactivate the pet battle system.

The majority of our pets are not currently loaded into the journal with abilities. This here picture is of Withers. The only thing that was available for Withers is the type (elemental) and where you can acquire him from.
The good news is that there is a ton of pets (500) listed in the journal, but very few of them have abilities assigned to them. I wanted to show you guys what one looked like that had abilities attached to it and so I choose you Willy! (Sorry I couldn't resist!)
So as you can see Willy there has five abilities assigned to him. Some of the uploaded ability sets had as few as two abilities with others having up to six. I expect this to fluctuate for quite some time as they attempt to balance out the abilities. I have one more screenshot to share and that is one of the new wild pets that will be available!
This one is for you Edy! It is a little Widow! Alright, aside from personal jokes it appears there are a ton of wild pets that are going to be available for us to capture. This little guy is going to be found in Duskwood and comes with six abilities currently.

I know it is not a whole lot right now, but I like what I have seen so far. One other thing I found to be nice is going to be the ability to track wild pets on your mini map. I tried to hunt some late last night, but there was nothing showing up on my mini map. So what about you guys? You like the idea of Pokemon in WoW? Is there a wild pet that you cannot wait to get your hands on? 

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