Thursday, April 5, 2012

Random Battlegrounds Are Random

So last night I was running random battlegrounds with my friends. It had been a relatively good night. We were winning a lot more than we were losing and in the world of random battlegrounds that makes for a great night. One of my least favorite battlegrounds is Eye of the Storm. I dislike this battleground because no one seems to want to pick a strategy and go with it. More often than not the battleground just falls into everyone fighting at the middle of the map or on the roads.

In this particular EotS, I was running on my Paladn, with my friends comprising of the following: Resto Druid, BM Hunter, and Affliction Lock. Now what we typically do at the beginning of the battle is go to Fel Reaver and feel out what type of team we have. If the team seems intelligent, then we will either defend the base or attempt to take Mage Tower. If the team is bad, then we will either defend or just run around the field trying to get as many honorable kills as possible.

Well, last night things had been going so good that I decided to try something different. I didn't tell my friends what I was doing as I figured they would go to our typical meeting place at the Fel Reaver ruins. As soon as the match began I landed and sped towards the mid with a Death Knight in tow. The Alliance for the most part ignored the mid. I believe there was one or two pesky opponents there whom the Death Knight quickly dispatched. As he dropped the last Alliance player, I quickly grabbed the flag and rendezvoused with my friends at the Fel Reaver ruins.

At this point in the match, the Horde was doing what they typically do... fighting on roads and at the mid. Well, the team noticed the flag was gone and someone yelled for me to cap the flag. I declined the offer and told them instead to capture a third base. Once we had three bases I would cap the flag. This was met with some unfriendly responses, with one particular Druid attempting to "persuade" me into capping. I again informed the team that I had no intention of capping the flag until they took a third base. With no alternative, the majority of the team did as instructed. I believe it was Draenei Ruins that they captured. Once the base turned I did as I said I would.

We had one guy at the middle of the map who quickly snatched the flag and returned it quickly for a second cap. At that point I was back at the middle and ready to grab the flag a second time. I successfully snatched the flag and made my way back to Fel Reaver ruins once again as our team managed to lose both the other bases. During this time, they again wanted me to cap the flag. I again declined and informed them that they would need to gain three bases once more.

After a few minutes passed, they managed to capture a second base. Once again they started demanding that I cap the flag. At this point the game was well in hand, but out of spite I declined their offers. I informed them I would cap the flag if they got three bases. Now in my mind I had decided I would cap the flag at around 1500; however, a Druid annoyed me by demanding in a rather rude way that I cap the flag. At this point I informed him I would wait to cap the flag at 1590... which is exactly what I did.

So why I am spending my time writing this story up? I mean this is nothing new right? A fairly standard tactic right? Well the Druid in this match did not feel so. At the beginning of the match, he made sure to point out that the people who hold the flags are often the reason that we lose the battleground matches. I disagreed and because possession, in this instance, is nine-tenths of the law continued to hold the flag. At the end of the match, he insisted that I knew nothing about PVP and we proceeded to trade jabs at each other. I honestly find that sort of thing funny and I am always willing to feed a troll; however, this guy kind of gave the impression that he felt he was always right no matter what. Even in the case where the strategy that I employed did win; whereas the strategy he wanted to go with was hold two bases and run the flag. Which by the way, I seldom see actually turn out successful.

Now I am one who seldom likes to give anyone the last word, so I simply typed out something along the lines of: what is your rating? 2? At which point I left the battleground laughing to myself because questioning someone like that guy's PVP rating is apparently akin to rubbing salt in an open wound. I apparently pushed the guy into overdrive rage as he decided to roll a character on my server to whisper me in order to continue our "discussion".

So I am in Battle for Gilneas and I get a whisper from some character with a name like "Uranooblet". The guy tells me he is not mad or raging, but wanted me to know that his main's rating is 2700 and his healer's rating is 1800. I have to stop here, because if you are a 2700 rated player I doubt you are in battlegrounds throwing a tantrum because someone didn't follow your instructions. In my experience, the only time I have seen players who are 2200 or higher, they are typically in pre-made groups of 5 or more. This guy... he was all alone, and with his people skills I do not understand why.

At this point it is blatantly obvious that this guy is raging at me. I mean if you are going to tell a lie, then do not tell one that is so easy to see through. I mean why is it always someone's main that they are not currently on? Just a word of advice for those attempting to troll, never use the phrase "on my main". Okay so anyway, the guy breaks down from trying to impress me (?) or make me scared of his mad PVP skills (?) to telling me he is old enough to be my father and laying down the "son" this and "son" that phrases. I honestly was laughing in mumble at this point because my dad would be in his mid-sixties if he were still with us. In my mind I pictured the old guy off Family Guy playing WoW.

He continues going on about this stuff for probably a good ten to fifteen minutes. He basically started the whispers prior to the beginning of the Battle for Gilneas and did not quit until the battleground was almost done. Oh and by the way, we won that one too! The guy was actually amusing, so I hope he really wasn't raging. He was quite funny, but sadly I think from his use of phrases like "I won't ever heal you again in any other battlegrounds" to "You brought this on yourself", I tend to believe he had gone way overboard on raging. I do have to give him some props though as he logged off without letting me have the last word. Although he may have logged off from going all "Hulk Smash!!!!" on his computer.

So to my good friend, Foomantwo of Azjol-Nerub.. I salute you and your 1132 personal rating.. WHAT?! He lied to me? Yeah, he lied. I know that his hard to believe right? Take a look for yourself!

So I didn't want to not give him a fair shake so I decided to look under his statistics to see if I could find his rating. I mean, no one lies on the internet right?

Hm, still no 1800 rating. I show his highest rating on this character (aka his healer), to be 1500. For those who do not do rated PVP, that means that he has never obtained a rating higher than what he started with on this toon... ever. Sadly I know this because I have never obtained a higher rating than 1500 either. So let's look at one other section, just to make sure that he hasn't got a rating hiding somewhere.

Well, there is the rated battlegrounds section showing that he has never played a single rated battleground... I guess... I guess... he lied to me... Okay, so I know I may have went a little overboard with this whole thing, but the guy obviously wanted some recognition for being so "good" right? In all seriousness, guys like this one crack me up. They are the battleground ragers who apparently will find a reason to rage even when they get a win. My advice is just relax and have fun with the game. Oh and be careful who you talk to out there, because you never know who you may be talking to. So what do you guys think? Do you avoid random battlegrounds at all cost? Do you respond to these types of guys or do you just quietly pray for the match to end as soon as possible in hopes of getting a good personality team?

I couldn't resist throwing together some of my favorite comments from my conversation with Foomantwo! Alright, I am out for now, but make sure and check back for more posts as I begin to work my way through the MoP Beta! I wanted to share some of that information with you all now, but honestly I have not made it very far as there are a ton of people in the starting area at the moment. Hopefully as they continue to release additional content, there will be more news to discuss. I believe that is all for now! Thanks for stopping by and make sure and check back here as I plan to get things back on track around here!

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