Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mists of Pandaria Beta Missing Persons of Interests

Yesterday I spent quite a large amount of time just wandering through different areas of the game that I tend to spend a lot of time at. The first place I decided to investigate was Silvermoon City. I have to admit that not much has really changed there. The city is still gorgeous and looks even more beautiful than ever before. Having felt satisfied with my tour of Silvermoon, I decided to go and take a look around Under City. Now I decided that I would actually fly there for a couple a reasons. The first being that it is a beta, I wanted to see if the flight paths were connected properly and that they functioned correctly. The good news is that the paths were connected and the trip there was nice and smooth. The second reason for taking the flight path instead of the orb was to just look at the scenery. Having arrived in Under City, I noticed that something was slightly different!

The bankers are all but missing! There is at least one banker still here, but notice that the guild vaults are missing as well. It seems there is quite a bit of work still left for Under City as I also noticed that most of the NPC's are missing. Check it out!

I found it funny that I hadn't noticed when I landed that the flight master was missing. I suppose one could suggest that Blizzard is insisting that the trip to the Under City is a one way pass. Sorry, I couldn't resist the joke.

Well, I think I am going to stop there for today. So what do you guys think so far of what you have read and seen? If you are in the beta and you want to test some content together, then let me know. Currently I have loaded my copied characters onto the Gilneas PVP server. As it stands right now they are: Betabraama and Betalrem. Feel free to shout out at me if you are online and see me around!

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