Monday, April 30, 2012

Minecraft Monday!

One thing I decided a while back when I began to write again was that I was not going to focus on any one game around here. I had wrestled with this for quite some time and even briefly started a different blog with a different name so as to not feel bad if I dared not talk about WoW. Well, the truth is that I lost interest in that blog and pretty much quit blogging. Then over the last year or so I would occasionally vomit up a post every now and then over here where I apologized profusely about not posting and promised that I would post. During this time I promised myself that if I ever got my act together and started writing full time I would make sure and broaden my topics.

Now this probably is completely unnoticed because since my return I have pretty much only spoke about WoW. That was partially because I have a ton of stuff on my mind about the game currently and also because I wasn't really sure what other games I wanted to write about. Well, over the last three or four days I have spent very little time actually playing WoW. Well, minus the five hours I spent late last night into early this morning helping a buddy who is leveling his Mage. The majority of my time has been spent digging underground in Minecraft!

This got me thinking, why not talk a little bit about the game? At first I really debated on this because there are a lot of resources out there for Minecraft that are far superior than anything that I could ever share with you. Then the thought hit me that it is true that there are a ton of other sites out there, but blogging is not always about being informational. In fact, I would dare say that blogging is about sharing our views on whatever topic we happen to have in mind. I sometimes forget about this and that contributes to my lack of posts; however, that was the old me. The new me is striving to post something every day (except weekends and holidays)!

Now it has been quite some time since I actually played Minecraft. I don't think I have touched the game since mid beta. So a lot has changed in the game for me! Now one of those things that I recently discovered was the ability to farm snow from my army of snowmen!

Is that not awesome? If by chance you are like me and you had no clue how to build these fellows, then let me tell you how! You need to blocks of snow and one pumpkin! So you stack the snow blocks two high and then drop the pumpkin on top and there you go, instant snowman. Once I found these little guys I went and read up on them and apparently they will defend you from hostile monsters. I saw one guy who build a house and placed a fence around the house. He then enclosed a bunch of these little guys behind a fence surround his house and any time a monster comes by, they throw a snowball at it! They do no damage but they do keep the attention of the monsters so you can get in and kill them. So there you go! That is what I discovered. Have any of you all found anything cool in the game?

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