Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm Out There

You have been warned! Galran is out there and he has the blood lust coursing through every fiber of his being!

So if you couldn't tell from the picture above, I have finally decided to pick up my Warrior and attempt one more time to level the poor green skinned bastard. This character is one of my oldest characters and least loved characters. I have this love/hate relationship with my Warriors. I love the look of a Warrior and something about an Orc Warrior just feels right, but in terms of play style... it just feels slow to me.

So, that having been said... how do you Warriors do it?

You know, I had some other thoughts on my mind, but I think I am going to shelve them for right now. I will simply say that I have probably ran a few hundred random battlegrounds this weekend and I am completely amazed at how pathetic things have become. I definitely want to spend some time talking about this, but I want to give it the full attention that it needs. So what do you guys think about random battlegrounds? Do you consider those to be the worse example of the WoW community or are the LFD/LFR groups still the clear cut winners of worst of the worst?

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