Saturday, April 7, 2012

Braama In Beta

So I actually was going to do something else completely, but due to time restraints I decided to show a little bit of the differences between our current incarnation of WoW and the current release for the beta!

Left: MoP Right: Cata
So the above image is the differences between what the characters look like. This is my Druid Braama, whom I just recently leveled to 85. He is currently equipped with the Season 11 Ruthless Head and Shoulders. If you click on the image, then you will be able to see that the rendering for the new expansion is simply gorgeous! Colors are extremely bright and vivid, and it really brings the Asian feel of this game to life. On the off chance that you think these images were doctored, I promise you they were not. I made sure that the resolution settings and the video settings were adjusted to match perfectly. It is just simply that much of an improvement. Now if this will tax your current machine is a whole other issue and one I plan to check out as soon as possible.

Another thing I came across is the changes to mana. At level 85, your base mana is now 100,000. This is a significant drop from our current mana levels.

Left: MoP Right: Cata
As it stands right now, Braama on the current build of the beta has exactly 100,000 mana in his Feral (scratch that, Guardian) gear while utilizing his Restoration spec. On the actual live servers, my mana in my Feral gear is somewhere in the neighborhood of 26,000 with my Feral gear and 58,000 in my Restoration gear. You can see the numbers difference above. This has been a major concern for some casters who tend to view this change as a nerf to their classes.

While I definitely can sympathize with them, as my own Paladin will be losing approximately 30,000 mana, I think we need to take a wait and see approach to this move. As it stands right now, none of the planned changes to our mana regeneration has been implemented so I view it as being far too early to declare it a nerf. At best I see it as a chance for some real changes to be made that will make other stats more interesting to choose and hopefully in the long run not have us forced to heal through crazy amounts of raid wide damage.

What do you guys think about the brighter look and higher quality graphics? Are you concerned that your gaming rig, may not be up to snuff? How about you casters out there? Your thoughts and feelings on the changes to our base line mana?  Well, that does it for me today. Please feel free to leave any comments regarding today's topic, or any questions regarding the beta that you would like me to look into! Thank you guys for stopping by!

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