Monday, April 30, 2012

Minecraft Monday!

One thing I decided a while back when I began to write again was that I was not going to focus on any one game around here. I had wrestled with this for quite some time and even briefly started a different blog with a different name so as to not feel bad if I dared not talk about WoW. Well, the truth is that I lost interest in that blog and pretty much quit blogging. Then over the last year or so I would occasionally vomit up a post every now and then over here where I apologized profusely about not posting and promised that I would post. During this time I promised myself that if I ever got my act together and started writing full time I would make sure and broaden my topics.

Now this probably is completely unnoticed because since my return I have pretty much only spoke about WoW. That was partially because I have a ton of stuff on my mind about the game currently and also because I wasn't really sure what other games I wanted to write about. Well, over the last three or four days I have spent very little time actually playing WoW. Well, minus the five hours I spent late last night into early this morning helping a buddy who is leveling his Mage. The majority of my time has been spent digging underground in Minecraft!

This got me thinking, why not talk a little bit about the game? At first I really debated on this because there are a lot of resources out there for Minecraft that are far superior than anything that I could ever share with you. Then the thought hit me that it is true that there are a ton of other sites out there, but blogging is not always about being informational. In fact, I would dare say that blogging is about sharing our views on whatever topic we happen to have in mind. I sometimes forget about this and that contributes to my lack of posts; however, that was the old me. The new me is striving to post something every day (except weekends and holidays)!

Now it has been quite some time since I actually played Minecraft. I don't think I have touched the game since mid beta. So a lot has changed in the game for me! Now one of those things that I recently discovered was the ability to farm snow from my army of snowmen!

Is that not awesome? If by chance you are like me and you had no clue how to build these fellows, then let me tell you how! You need to blocks of snow and one pumpkin! So you stack the snow blocks two high and then drop the pumpkin on top and there you go, instant snowman. Once I found these little guys I went and read up on them and apparently they will defend you from hostile monsters. I saw one guy who build a house and placed a fence around the house. He then enclosed a bunch of these little guys behind a fence surround his house and any time a monster comes by, they throw a snowball at it! They do no damage but they do keep the attention of the monsters so you can get in and kill them. So there you go! That is what I discovered. Have any of you all found anything cool in the game?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Things To Do When Unable To Beta!

I came across this post on a beta forum post that was full of complaining and crying and felt it deserved its own post. Have a great weekend guys!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Beta - I Thought I Had To Catch Them All

So yesterday I logged into the MoP Beta excited to check out the new pet battle system! Sadly, the beta has been slightly unstable and crashing repeatedly and so I was not able to do a whole lot, but I did want to share what I was able to find out with you guys!

The first thing to take note is that the Pet Battle system has a trainer. The Horde Pet Battle trainer is located inside of Razor Hill.
I do not play Alliance, but the counterpart trainer is located in Goldshire near the blacksmith. There you go, never say I don't show any love for the Alliance. Unfortunately due to the connectivity issues Blizzard took the system offline and it was not back up while I had time to test it out.
My understanding is that they will be bringing the beta down again today and hopefully this will cure the connectivity issue and also allow them to reactivate the pet battle system.

The majority of our pets are not currently loaded into the journal with abilities. This here picture is of Withers. The only thing that was available for Withers is the type (elemental) and where you can acquire him from.
The good news is that there is a ton of pets (500) listed in the journal, but very few of them have abilities assigned to them. I wanted to show you guys what one looked like that had abilities attached to it and so I choose you Willy! (Sorry I couldn't resist!)
So as you can see Willy there has five abilities assigned to him. Some of the uploaded ability sets had as few as two abilities with others having up to six. I expect this to fluctuate for quite some time as they attempt to balance out the abilities. I have one more screenshot to share and that is one of the new wild pets that will be available!
This one is for you Edy! It is a little Widow! Alright, aside from personal jokes it appears there are a ton of wild pets that are going to be available for us to capture. This little guy is going to be found in Duskwood and comes with six abilities currently.

I know it is not a whole lot right now, but I like what I have seen so far. One other thing I found to be nice is going to be the ability to track wild pets on your mini map. I tried to hunt some late last night, but there was nothing showing up on my mini map. So what about you guys? You like the idea of Pokemon in WoW? Is there a wild pet that you cannot wait to get your hands on? 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Paperwork and Doctor Visits

The title pretty much says everything that I have done for the last two days of this week. The good news is that both of those should be done for at least a little while! That means I can get back to the things I truly love doing... playing video games and blogging!

Over the last week or so I have been giving some serious thought into creating a series of blog posts for the beginner. The reason for this is that recently I have noticed quite a few players who really do not know a whole lot about the game. A prime example is a friend of mine who recently created a Mage. He had no clue that a wand was separate from his staff and so because of this, he has been disenchanting/selling all of the wands he has come across in the game. I have not quite made up my mind on this, but I thought I would throw it out there and see if anyone had some input on the subject. If you do, then feel free to drop me a comment here on the blog or shoot me an email at!

So what about you guys out there? What were some of the things that you had troubles with when you first started playing WoW?

Friday, April 20, 2012

World's Worst Warrior

So a couple days ago I hit level 85 in glorious battle! The thing is, I feel as though I am probably the world's worst Warrior. I think I have a pretty solid grasp of the basics for the arms spec, but for whatever reason I seem unable to get my fingers to work properly. On top of that, the class feels really slow to me. When I compare Galran to Whoopy (Rogue) or Methusaleh (DK), I feel much more active and in a flow. Does that make sense?

So I am asking for any tips and tricks that you guys might know to help me improve my skill. Is there a good reference that you guys go to? Do you know of any macros that might help a flailing Warrior out? If so then leave a comment or shoot me an email because the Light knows that Galran needs all the help he can get!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rules Are Rules

So a few weeks back I was returning home from dropping my son off at school. On the way back I entered a school zone here in the States that required me to slow down to 25 M.P.H. I did this and was preparing to turn onto my street when a police officer pulled up behind me and turned his lights on. I acknowledged that I saw him and pulled into a spot on the side of the road. The officer came up and requested my information for the vehicle. I handed it to him and he asked the usual question, "Do you know why I have stopped you today?" I had no clue and told him so. He informed me it was because I was not wearing a safety belt. Here in the state I live in, there is what is known as primary and secondary driving laws. A few years back they changed the seat belt law from a secondary to a primary which basically means a police officer can pull you over and ticket you for it without any other cause. As I was driving slowly because of the school zone, he was clearly able to see my lack of respect for the law and thus I received a ticket for my negligence. Granted it was only $25, but it was still fine.

Over the last few days, the forums on for WoW have been lit up over the new set of reporting tools. There have been a lot of posts that are simply meant as trolling, but the other day I came across one that I believe was more serious. In it the poster was concerned that the new tool would be used for griefing purposes rather than the actual reason it is in the game. He presented his argument very logically and even showed how his current name, while not offensive or demeaning to anyone in anyway, could be viewed against the EULA and ToS for WoW.

I read what he wrote very carefully and really thought long and hard about it. After reviewing his information and the information he linked to regarding Blizzard's policy I have come to the following conclusion. The game has a clear set list of rules regarding how we are to name our characters. If we choose to ignore these rules, then just like I received a ticket, we open ourselves up to a possible forced name change or other more severe penalties. Blizzard has set the rules up in order to provide a fun environment for everyone and unfortunately there are far too many in the WoW community who feel they do not need to folow those rules. Blizzard has responded now by placing tools that provide an easy and effective way to report someone for a naming violation.

Will some people be affected by this due to someone trolling? Probably so, but if they are forced to change their name, then they should have more carefully thought out the name they chose originally. What do you all think about this? Do you think this is a good move by Blizzard or do you think it will open up the door to countless trolls reporting people? Leave a comment or shoot me an email!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Looking for Blogs!

So I had been gone for quite some time from the blogging scene and I noticed the other day when I was going through my old blog roll that so many people had stopped blogging. I really hate to see that because I really enjoyed reading a lot of their blogs and some of them were extremely helpful in learning about new classes. So I find that I am in need of some help from you guys! I am going to be starting a blog roll of sorts and I need some recommendations since there are literally hundreds of thousands of blogs about WoW and gaming in general. So I am reaching out to you guys to shoot me a message with some referrals. Feel free to leave a comment to this post or send me an email with a link to the blog at!

As I was writing this post up, the thought came to me that some of you may wonder what the requirements are for getting on the blog roll. To be honest, I know some people like to post up a long worded list of things that you have to have in order to make the cut, but I am not one of those. The only thing I really look for is someone who writes consistently. I am not looking for the most elegant writer or the most technically sound writer. I just like someone who enjoys playing video games and likes to share their insights with the rest of us. So if you are a new blogger or an active reader of a blog, make sure and let me know! Thanks guys!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Server Population

With every new expansion comes particular topics that simply will not die. One of those such topics is server population and the imbalance that is found on many servers. The discussion is a valid one with many serious concerns. I believe it is safe to say that we are all aware of this issue and can agree that something should be done to correct the problem. I think where the agreement stops is in how do you correct such a problem and then would those corrections result in larger problems?

I want to set aside the typical discussion though for a moment and focus on a more personal aspect of a server merger... the impact upon those on the servers. My own server is now consistently showing as a low population server with there being substantially more Horde; however, I do not want to see a merger forced upon my server. I say this because I have developed an identity with my characters and there is a high chance that any sort of merger may result in someone, including myself, being forced to rename their characters. Stop and consider for a moment how would you feel if after five, six, or seven years of playing your characters, you were forced to change their names?

As silly as it sounds, I would very seriously have to consider leaving the game. The characters in a way, have become a part of who I am. That doesn't mean I walk around in my everyday life believing that I am a Holy Paladin who can raise the dead, but rather that I have simply grown attached to the characters. So how then does Blizzard go about preserving the active player's characters while merging servers?

I do not know, but a start may be in developing new programing that could allow for multiple uses of names upon a server by assigning a character avatar a specific number that would be identified with the account itself. My mind cannot fathom the amount of technical know-how that would be required for something like that, but what other options are there? Should they consider deleting old characters that are no longer active after a set time frame of two, three, or four years? Perhaps they could force name changes to characters who have not been logged into the live servers for a set time frame of maybe six months, one year, or two years? Other ideas have included a reduced fee of $5 to some suggesting a free transfer.

While all of these suggestions are legitimate ideas, I tend to prefer ones that would permit me to make a decision on my own. I say that because it would permit me to spend some time reviewing servers for things like "is my name available", "is there a gaming culture that I can identify with", "will my friends/guildies consider transferring", and other such concerns that I personally would like to know prior to making a decision about transferring.

I think one thing that you can rely on is that Blizzard will not make any sort of decision regarding server balance/population until after the release of the MoP expansion. The last thing they want to do is take on a project as far reaching as that, only to find out that they have now overpopulated their servers from new and returning players.

At the end of the day, this is not a simple problem with a simple solution. It is a complex technical problem that is compounded by our attachment to our characters. For the moment, I am content on my server. I have a good group of people who I enjoy spending my free time with and I would not trade that for the world. We certainly do face issues in terms of being able to recruit quality players, but considering we are not looking to go for server firsts, I feel we are in a good spot. What about you guys? How would you feel if you were forced to change your character name? What suggestions would you voice to Blizzard if you had their ear?

Monday, April 16, 2012


So I just wanted to post a brief note to let everyone know that the blog has not been updated for the last couple days because it was being set up on its new home at! Sadly, I am not a technical wizard and so transitions like that takes me quite some time to sort out. The good news is that it appears that everything made it over and it is all in good order!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Today Is A Lazy Day

So I have some stuff that requires a little more attention today, but I did not want to go without posting something. So I give you two of my favorite glitches to date in the beta!

I honestly wish the old elite/rare Hunter pets could remain this size, but I also realize the pains that would lead to for viewing and possible griefing. Well, enjoy everyone and have a great day today!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Banner Defense

Lately over on the official US WoW forums there has been an ongoing series of discussions titled the "War College". In this series, the community managers have been attempting to promote discussion about strategies and tactics used in battlegrounds. The most recent one was regarding Alterac Valley, which just so happened to coincide with the Call to Arms for Alterac Valley!

Now I love PVP and that should not be any surprise to anyone who has read this blog over the years; however, Alterac Valley is by far, my favorite battleground. I remember when I first started playing that those matches just seemed to go on forever and a day. Hell, in some cases they did go on for days on end. Sadly, those Alterac Valleys were winding down by the time I got leveled enough to participate in them, but the hours long events were still happening regularly. I remember standing in choke points and seeing two and three hundred honorable kill matches happening one right after the other. Those were some damn good times! They are definitely something that is unheard of by today's WoW player. I am always surprised to see how many people just want to get in and race to the front of the battleground to sit and do nothing except wait to collect some honor and hurl insults at the rest of their faction. Good times... not really.

So today I present to you what we in M.A.S. refer to as the "Banner Defense"! So I am going to assume that we are all familiar with the towers here in Alterac Valley?

In case you are not familiar, take a look at the picture above for reference. By the way, that is my buddy Somenub from M.A.S. (tree) dancing alongside my bear, Braama! Alright let's get back on track with our discussion about the "Banner Defense" shall we?

So the very first phase is deciding on where you are going to set up the "Banner Defense". There are four towers to choose from: Iceblood (next to Galv's bunker), Tower Point (near Iceblood), and then the East and West Frostwolf towers.

The tower that we feel provides you the most preparation with highest success rate is the Tower Point location. This location provides you just enough time to arrive and get prepared for the Alliance assault. Now if prep time is the issue, then you may be wondering why you do not want to set up in the Frostwolf towers? The answer is that the Alliance will typically have a stronger team that is rushing there in order to assault Drek'thar. Just think about how many members of the Horde race to sit outside of Van's room.

Well what about Iceblood? The issue with trying to set this defense up at Iceblood is that the entire Alliance has just come out of Galv's room and are feeling pretty good about steam rolling him. The odds just are not in your favor. Also, you do not want to meddle in the Galv defensive team's business either. Tower Point is just properly placed to allow you to get in and for the Alliance to not feel the need to send in a large group of people to take the tower.

So how does the "Banner Defense" work? Teamwork is the single most important aspect of this defense. The goal is to have four to five solid geared players. In order for this defense to truly be effective you want to have one really good healer, one character with a knock back ability (Boomkin/Shaman), and at least one AoE fear. The next important thing is to make sure and have all of the banners that are available in the game. (Horde Battle Standard, Frostwolf Battle Standard, Standard of Unity, Guild Battle Standard, and Battle Standard of Coordination) Another item which can be helpful, but not necessary is something like Mumble/Vent, for communication. Then all you have to do is set up as follows!

As you can see from above, this provides a nice little line of sight issue for some players as the banners can be targeted. Now you are probably wondering exactly how this can figure into providing a solid defense? Remember the requirement of having a Druid or Shaman? What you want to do is have your Druid and/or Shaman set themselves in front of the flag behind the banners. As soon as you see enemy footsteps, you hit them with your ability and watch them go sailing off the side. You may be able to get one or two of these blasts off before they catch you on a cooldown. This is where your AoE fear is going to come into play. Hit that fear as soon as a couple of them make it in the tower. With luck at least one of them will be stuck in the hut while the others run around outside the hut. Burst that Alli to the ground!

At this point, the Alliance is probably going to come in with five or more. You are now on cooldowns for knock back abilities and fears right? Well if you assembled a solid group, then you unload on them. I typically try to drop my Horde Battle Standard when the large group of Alli attempt to rush us. 15% bonus to your health is simply amazing in this situation. With any luck, you can create a smaller choke here and either force them to go without the tower or send even more players your way.

Now if you really just want to mess with the first few Alliance players, then I suggest calling out your Guild Herald and feeding him a Papa Hummel's Old Fashioned Pet Biscuit!

The trick is to throw everything at the Alliance that forces them out of their game plan. It also can lead to some pretty funny stories. Last night, we got a random AV from the queue and we utilized the Banner Defense with a less than perfect team. The Alliance players who attacked us were confused by the banners and when they started getting burst down, one player literally ran all along the walls of the hut trying to find the exit. I guess with all of the AoE healing and damage going out he got confused and died crying in the corner of the hut.

Now the picture above is not from a "Banner Defense", but from me and some friends defending a captured Alliance bunker. I mounted my scorpion and rode to the front of the battleground once this tower had capped. Upon arriving on the bridge, I realized I was all alone and saw seven Alli come across the bridge towards me. Upon seeing my Herald, the all stopped and sat there staring at him. This allowed me to fallback to the Horde charge that was a few seconds behind me. The end result was me living and the Alliance dieing to a legion of Horde which was behind me. So what unorthodox strategy do you guys like to employ?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mists of Pandaria Beta Missing Persons of Interests

Yesterday I spent quite a large amount of time just wandering through different areas of the game that I tend to spend a lot of time at. The first place I decided to investigate was Silvermoon City. I have to admit that not much has really changed there. The city is still gorgeous and looks even more beautiful than ever before. Having felt satisfied with my tour of Silvermoon, I decided to go and take a look around Under City. Now I decided that I would actually fly there for a couple a reasons. The first being that it is a beta, I wanted to see if the flight paths were connected properly and that they functioned correctly. The good news is that the paths were connected and the trip there was nice and smooth. The second reason for taking the flight path instead of the orb was to just look at the scenery. Having arrived in Under City, I noticed that something was slightly different!

The bankers are all but missing! There is at least one banker still here, but notice that the guild vaults are missing as well. It seems there is quite a bit of work still left for Under City as I also noticed that most of the NPC's are missing. Check it out!

I found it funny that I hadn't noticed when I landed that the flight master was missing. I suppose one could suggest that Blizzard is insisting that the trip to the Under City is a one way pass. Sorry, I couldn't resist the joke.

Well, I think I am going to stop there for today. So what do you guys think so far of what you have read and seen? If you are in the beta and you want to test some content together, then let me know. Currently I have loaded my copied characters onto the Gilneas PVP server. As it stands right now they are: Betabraama and Betalrem. Feel free to shout out at me if you are online and see me around!

Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm Out There

You have been warned! Galran is out there and he has the blood lust coursing through every fiber of his being!

So if you couldn't tell from the picture above, I have finally decided to pick up my Warrior and attempt one more time to level the poor green skinned bastard. This character is one of my oldest characters and least loved characters. I have this love/hate relationship with my Warriors. I love the look of a Warrior and something about an Orc Warrior just feels right, but in terms of play style... it just feels slow to me.

So, that having been said... how do you Warriors do it?

You know, I had some other thoughts on my mind, but I think I am going to shelve them for right now. I will simply say that I have probably ran a few hundred random battlegrounds this weekend and I am completely amazed at how pathetic things have become. I definitely want to spend some time talking about this, but I want to give it the full attention that it needs. So what do you guys think about random battlegrounds? Do you consider those to be the worse example of the WoW community or are the LFD/LFR groups still the clear cut winners of worst of the worst?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Another day, another post! I just want to wish everyone a happy Easter, and for those of you who do not celebrate said holiday, then may you have a great day! Now if you do not mind, I plan to go and find me some chocolate!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Braama In Beta

So I actually was going to do something else completely, but due to time restraints I decided to show a little bit of the differences between our current incarnation of WoW and the current release for the beta!

Left: MoP Right: Cata
So the above image is the differences between what the characters look like. This is my Druid Braama, whom I just recently leveled to 85. He is currently equipped with the Season 11 Ruthless Head and Shoulders. If you click on the image, then you will be able to see that the rendering for the new expansion is simply gorgeous! Colors are extremely bright and vivid, and it really brings the Asian feel of this game to life. On the off chance that you think these images were doctored, I promise you they were not. I made sure that the resolution settings and the video settings were adjusted to match perfectly. It is just simply that much of an improvement. Now if this will tax your current machine is a whole other issue and one I plan to check out as soon as possible.

Another thing I came across is the changes to mana. At level 85, your base mana is now 100,000. This is a significant drop from our current mana levels.

Left: MoP Right: Cata
As it stands right now, Braama on the current build of the beta has exactly 100,000 mana in his Feral (scratch that, Guardian) gear while utilizing his Restoration spec. On the actual live servers, my mana in my Feral gear is somewhere in the neighborhood of 26,000 with my Feral gear and 58,000 in my Restoration gear. You can see the numbers difference above. This has been a major concern for some casters who tend to view this change as a nerf to their classes.

While I definitely can sympathize with them, as my own Paladin will be losing approximately 30,000 mana, I think we need to take a wait and see approach to this move. As it stands right now, none of the planned changes to our mana regeneration has been implemented so I view it as being far too early to declare it a nerf. At best I see it as a chance for some real changes to be made that will make other stats more interesting to choose and hopefully in the long run not have us forced to heal through crazy amounts of raid wide damage.

What do you guys think about the brighter look and higher quality graphics? Are you concerned that your gaming rig, may not be up to snuff? How about you casters out there? Your thoughts and feelings on the changes to our base line mana?  Well, that does it for me today. Please feel free to leave any comments regarding today's topic, or any questions regarding the beta that you would like me to look into! Thank you guys for stopping by!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Giant Carrots

So yesterday I mentioned that I would be talking a little bit more about the Mist of Pandaria beta and I aim to please! I received my personal beta access in the early morning hours yesterday (4:11 AM EST here in the States) and was excited to get some hands on time with the game. That did not work out exactly as I had hoped though as some personal stuff came up that kept me out of the house for the majority of the day. The good news is I have had some hands on time already from my wife being kind enough to let me dabble in the expansion via her beta key last week, and then of course I have just spent the last hour or so mucking about through the starting zone for the Pandas.

I am not sure if this is the kind of carrot that you all were hoping to see, but I couldn't help but take a screen shot of that monster carrot. I think I know where the Easter Bunny will be going first this year! I am not quite sure on how or what information I am going to be bringing forth from the beta simply because there are so many great sources out there that can probably provide you with a lot more depth and insight into what is going on, but I do promise that as I come across things that I find of personal interest or somewhat humorous (aka the giant carrot), you can definitely expect to see those.

Right now a lot of the game is really in rough shape. What I mean by that, and I am sure you are well aware of it yourself, is that a lot of the game elements that I feel I could best break down have not really been added in yet. Now as they continue to introduce newer builds I am sure that will change, but until then there is not a whole lot of brand new stuff that I can show you.

I believe tomorrow, when I get some time, I will begin working on copying some of my capped characters over so I can check out how things feel on them. I am somewhat hesitant to get to involved with that though as it is so early in the beta that a lot of things will definitely change. As it stands now I am looking at bringing over my Paladin and Druid, as those will be the characters that I will be most focused on at the beginning of MoP. I am extremely interested in the Hunter class, but I will probably rely more on my own guild members for that information and testing, as well as other more well know sites that we all know and love.

Well, I think that about does it for me today. I know I didn't really bring you a lot of new stuff today, but I promise to share what I do find and if you have any questions or things that you might want me to check out, then drop me a note here on the blog or contact me via my guild's forums! (Which has a link over there to the right!) Take care and I will see you all later!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Random Battlegrounds Are Random

So last night I was running random battlegrounds with my friends. It had been a relatively good night. We were winning a lot more than we were losing and in the world of random battlegrounds that makes for a great night. One of my least favorite battlegrounds is Eye of the Storm. I dislike this battleground because no one seems to want to pick a strategy and go with it. More often than not the battleground just falls into everyone fighting at the middle of the map or on the roads.

In this particular EotS, I was running on my Paladn, with my friends comprising of the following: Resto Druid, BM Hunter, and Affliction Lock. Now what we typically do at the beginning of the battle is go to Fel Reaver and feel out what type of team we have. If the team seems intelligent, then we will either defend the base or attempt to take Mage Tower. If the team is bad, then we will either defend or just run around the field trying to get as many honorable kills as possible.

Well, last night things had been going so good that I decided to try something different. I didn't tell my friends what I was doing as I figured they would go to our typical meeting place at the Fel Reaver ruins. As soon as the match began I landed and sped towards the mid with a Death Knight in tow. The Alliance for the most part ignored the mid. I believe there was one or two pesky opponents there whom the Death Knight quickly dispatched. As he dropped the last Alliance player, I quickly grabbed the flag and rendezvoused with my friends at the Fel Reaver ruins.

At this point in the match, the Horde was doing what they typically do... fighting on roads and at the mid. Well, the team noticed the flag was gone and someone yelled for me to cap the flag. I declined the offer and told them instead to capture a third base. Once we had three bases I would cap the flag. This was met with some unfriendly responses, with one particular Druid attempting to "persuade" me into capping. I again informed the team that I had no intention of capping the flag until they took a third base. With no alternative, the majority of the team did as instructed. I believe it was Draenei Ruins that they captured. Once the base turned I did as I said I would.

We had one guy at the middle of the map who quickly snatched the flag and returned it quickly for a second cap. At that point I was back at the middle and ready to grab the flag a second time. I successfully snatched the flag and made my way back to Fel Reaver ruins once again as our team managed to lose both the other bases. During this time, they again wanted me to cap the flag. I again declined and informed them that they would need to gain three bases once more.

After a few minutes passed, they managed to capture a second base. Once again they started demanding that I cap the flag. At this point the game was well in hand, but out of spite I declined their offers. I informed them I would cap the flag if they got three bases. Now in my mind I had decided I would cap the flag at around 1500; however, a Druid annoyed me by demanding in a rather rude way that I cap the flag. At this point I informed him I would wait to cap the flag at 1590... which is exactly what I did.

So why I am spending my time writing this story up? I mean this is nothing new right? A fairly standard tactic right? Well the Druid in this match did not feel so. At the beginning of the match, he made sure to point out that the people who hold the flags are often the reason that we lose the battleground matches. I disagreed and because possession, in this instance, is nine-tenths of the law continued to hold the flag. At the end of the match, he insisted that I knew nothing about PVP and we proceeded to trade jabs at each other. I honestly find that sort of thing funny and I am always willing to feed a troll; however, this guy kind of gave the impression that he felt he was always right no matter what. Even in the case where the strategy that I employed did win; whereas the strategy he wanted to go with was hold two bases and run the flag. Which by the way, I seldom see actually turn out successful.

Now I am one who seldom likes to give anyone the last word, so I simply typed out something along the lines of: what is your rating? 2? At which point I left the battleground laughing to myself because questioning someone like that guy's PVP rating is apparently akin to rubbing salt in an open wound. I apparently pushed the guy into overdrive rage as he decided to roll a character on my server to whisper me in order to continue our "discussion".

So I am in Battle for Gilneas and I get a whisper from some character with a name like "Uranooblet". The guy tells me he is not mad or raging, but wanted me to know that his main's rating is 2700 and his healer's rating is 1800. I have to stop here, because if you are a 2700 rated player I doubt you are in battlegrounds throwing a tantrum because someone didn't follow your instructions. In my experience, the only time I have seen players who are 2200 or higher, they are typically in pre-made groups of 5 or more. This guy... he was all alone, and with his people skills I do not understand why.

At this point it is blatantly obvious that this guy is raging at me. I mean if you are going to tell a lie, then do not tell one that is so easy to see through. I mean why is it always someone's main that they are not currently on? Just a word of advice for those attempting to troll, never use the phrase "on my main". Okay so anyway, the guy breaks down from trying to impress me (?) or make me scared of his mad PVP skills (?) to telling me he is old enough to be my father and laying down the "son" this and "son" that phrases. I honestly was laughing in mumble at this point because my dad would be in his mid-sixties if he were still with us. In my mind I pictured the old guy off Family Guy playing WoW.

He continues going on about this stuff for probably a good ten to fifteen minutes. He basically started the whispers prior to the beginning of the Battle for Gilneas and did not quit until the battleground was almost done. Oh and by the way, we won that one too! The guy was actually amusing, so I hope he really wasn't raging. He was quite funny, but sadly I think from his use of phrases like "I won't ever heal you again in any other battlegrounds" to "You brought this on yourself", I tend to believe he had gone way overboard on raging. I do have to give him some props though as he logged off without letting me have the last word. Although he may have logged off from going all "Hulk Smash!!!!" on his computer.

So to my good friend, Foomantwo of Azjol-Nerub.. I salute you and your 1132 personal rating.. WHAT?! He lied to me? Yeah, he lied. I know that his hard to believe right? Take a look for yourself!

So I didn't want to not give him a fair shake so I decided to look under his statistics to see if I could find his rating. I mean, no one lies on the internet right?

Hm, still no 1800 rating. I show his highest rating on this character (aka his healer), to be 1500. For those who do not do rated PVP, that means that he has never obtained a rating higher than what he started with on this toon... ever. Sadly I know this because I have never obtained a higher rating than 1500 either. So let's look at one other section, just to make sure that he hasn't got a rating hiding somewhere.

Well, there is the rated battlegrounds section showing that he has never played a single rated battleground... I guess... I guess... he lied to me... Okay, so I know I may have went a little overboard with this whole thing, but the guy obviously wanted some recognition for being so "good" right? In all seriousness, guys like this one crack me up. They are the battleground ragers who apparently will find a reason to rage even when they get a win. My advice is just relax and have fun with the game. Oh and be careful who you talk to out there, because you never know who you may be talking to. So what do you guys think? Do you avoid random battlegrounds at all cost? Do you respond to these types of guys or do you just quietly pray for the match to end as soon as possible in hopes of getting a good personality team?

I couldn't resist throwing together some of my favorite comments from my conversation with Foomantwo! Alright, I am out for now, but make sure and check back for more posts as I begin to work my way through the MoP Beta! I wanted to share some of that information with you all now, but honestly I have not made it very far as there are a ton of people in the starting area at the moment. Hopefully as they continue to release additional content, there will be more news to discuss. I believe that is all for now! Thanks for stopping by and make sure and check back here as I plan to get things back on track around here!