Tuesday, March 6, 2012


So I seem to have arrived slightly behind schedule for blogging this year! Actually, I just prefer making a fashionable entrance, at least that is what my Mother used to call it when we were late going somewhere. At any rate, I figured I would catch you all up on what I have been up to lately and then from there we shall just have to see where we go!

This expansion has kind of been an odd one for me as I typically will focus on one particular aspect of the game: PVE or PVP. This time around, I have not put a lot of effort into either. I think for me the main reason for this is that I do not have room on my server for any additional toons and thus I have missed out on the majority of the new content. This has given me a "ho-hum" attitude towards this expansion. Now I realize that I could create a character on a new server and experience the new content via the new server, but I hate rolling on new servers simply because you do not know anyone and you have no resources to assist in leveling. Also, the time spent on a new server is time that is not spent assisting my current roster of characters and my guild. So to that end, I truly hope Blizzard increases the number of characters allowed per server by at least one for the next expansion.

In terms of character development, I have leveled seven of the ten characters to maximum level with my main focus remaining on my Paladin and Rogue. At the beginning of this expansion, I liked my Paladin enough, but things just felt off. This caused me to not play him as regularly as I have in the past. When the guild decided late in the expansion that they wanted to raid I was drafted into healing for the runs. I do not know if it was because I was once again healing in a raiding environment, but the healing just clicked for me again and I once again embraced my role as a healer.

During the small period of not healing regularly, I was moonlighting with my Rogue. I have to admit that I was having a lot of fun with Whoopy and things clicked for me with him. Now even though I do not raid with him full time, I was fortunate enough to get the first set of daggers from the legendary quest chain. I doubt that I will acquire the next set of daggers simply because I do not have the time to run multiple raids during the course of a week; however, that will not stop me collecting them when I can.

As for the rest, I use them for different things. My Shaman I will use to heal for PVE content when we are not actively looking to down a new boss. While I find the Shaman healing to be a fun change of pace, it just is not as much fun to me. My Hunter and Priest are sitting around in Silvermoon City and Orgrimmar just chilling. My Death Knight I split between both PVE and PVP. I love the class and would consider tanking in the future, but the guild is extremely deep in terms of tanks at the moment.

My latest project is in relearning Warlock PVP. Right now I am going through the painfully slow process of collecting gear from the random battlegrounds. The nice thing is that every new piece of gear provides me a slight bit more survivability. I am looking forward to getting fully geared and then having some fun in arena. As for now, I just have to put my time in on the gear and learning the small intricacies of the class in terms of PVP.

Well, that is where I stand presently with my characters. In terms of raiding, the guild has been running the Dragon Soul raid content on and off for the last month with decent success. Presently we are five out of eight on farm with spending only two to three hours per week working on content. Due to the smaller size of our raider pool, we typically run the full raid instead of locking out and working on one particular boss. This has worked out well on gearing up our core raiders, but it has probably cost us the chance of clearing the content before the end of the current expansion.

The PVP this expansion has been dismal at best. We ran a couple rated battlegrounds with moderate success, but we lacked the dedicated PVP base to capitalize on the early success. I did have some fun in arena this expansion with my original partner Bigdog; however, he has gone back into hiding for the remainder of this expansion and with him so too did the arena fun go.

Well, that is all I have for today, but check back every now and then as I plan to get back into the swing of things in terms of blogging and WoW information. Heck, I may even provide some information on a few other things as well! See you all around!