Friday, October 21, 2011

Such A Long Time

My goodness I cannot believe how long it has been since I took some time to post something around here. I truly miss writing, but right now I just seem to not have enough time to do everything. That simple truth means that I have to start cutting back on the extra things like blogging. The good news is that things are normalizing (for lack of a better word), and with that comes a little more free time here and there. So hopefully in the near future we will get a little more regularity around here. Now that being said, who is excited for Blizzcon?

I find that I am a complete geek and love everything about it! One of these years I am going to have to actually go. Oh well, until that happens I am content to hang out at my house and watch the event happen on my monitor. Every year I look forward to the Lore Panel and the eventual Red Shirt guy moment! The other thing I love is the streaming of the actual tournaments for both WoW and SC. I am blown away by the level of skill of some of these players and how quickly they not only can process everything that is going on, but also how quickly they react and seem to know the perfect counters. Simply amazing!

Well, I know this was just more of a quick note than an actual post, but I hope all is well for all of you and I will see you next time around!

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