Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Sound of Crickets!

Things have been pretty quiet around here lately haven't they? Well, the truth is that I have not had a lot to write about and when something does cross my mind, it is usually at a time when I cannot sit down and actually formulate a thought. I do miss writing and sharing my thoughts on things and so I have managed to sneak away from my daily routine in order to give an update on what's going on with me in game and out.

One of the things that has been consuming my time is clearing out all of the old video footage on my computer. I had a ton of stuff stored up from old raids and the previous arena season that I wanted to get rid of. The only problem is that the process to create a video and/or delete footage is really time consuming. If you have never messed with recording in-game footage and then using a program like Vegas, then let me tell you that a simple five to six minute video will typically take an hour to two hours to edit and upload depending on the quality of the video you are trying to produce. I had hours of footage...

Aside from the video editing, I have been working a lot on my Rogue in both PVE and PVP. The PVE side of things is coming along nicely. I feel that Combat is competitive in most environments and so far has been fun to play. In PVP it has been somewhat weird. I realize that Combat is the least useful of the specs. So much so that Arena Junkies (last time I looked) didn't even have a guide up for PVP Combat builds. It has made it fun, but also made it challenging as I feel somewhat alone out there. So on Monday night, my arena partner decided that we would try using the Rogue on our 2v2 team with his BM Hunter. We came out fairly strong and won the first six, but then struggled to get two more wins to cap of my Rogue. I think we ended up going 8-8. At the reset on Tuesday, we ran some matches and ended up with a 1-8 record. Not so good, but about what we expected. The humorous part was watching my partner sit there and not use his defensive abilities because he was waiting for a heal. Priceless! On a side note, quite a few of the matches were lost because I do not have the trinket to break CC effects on my Rogue. Bad PVPer! Bad!

The guild has finally decided to start doing some raiding in Cataclysm and so I have been devoting Friday evenings to healing for the BWD runs. We are seeing good runs each week. The only down side is with raiding on only one day for a couple hours, you really have to make that time count. That is where we struggle. The first week in, we downed Magmaw on only a few attempts. I was actually surprised at the success. Then eventually, after fifteen thousand breaks for various reasons, we one shot the Omnotron. We then proceeded to eventually check out a couple other bosses, but lost too much momentum to random breaks. The second week, we went in and was a little bit more focused and downed four of the bosses in BWD. We did have a third week, but we were missing some members due to personal reasons and so it was more of a let's go in and goof off kind of run. We had fun and people got gear and seemed to be enjoying it. All and all it is working out well for shaking off some raiding rust. Hopefully over the remainder of this month we will return to our fine form of previous raid teams.

The only other thing I have been doing with WoW is messing with my Hunter. Basically if someone asks me to run a random with them, I give them my Hunter. When I am bored I log on him and some random BG's, which have been God awful. Now that is a topic that I may look to explore in the future. Anyway, I have leveled my Hunter to 84, but have no real plans to play him on a serious level.

Something I did do just recently was reactivate my Star Trek Online account. I had read some stuff about the Foundry and a few other things that made me curious. I really enjoyed the time I spent in the game yesterday. Although I did delete my character because the game had changed so much from a year ago. The thing I really have enjoyed the most is the player created missions found in the Foundry. There have been some seriously annoying ones, but the majority of them have been well written and founded very solidly on the lore of Star Trek. By the by, if you play STO send me a shout because I literally know no one in the game.

So in my absence from here, what have you all been doing? Anyone dabbling with a new class or new game? Maybe an old game has drawn you back in?