Saturday, July 2, 2011

Strange, But True

I have discovered that I love playing a Warrior! One of my oldest characters is actually a Warrior named Galran. He was actually the character who originally set up the guild charter for MAS. I chose him because back in the day, my main and the majority of my alts were already in a guild that was stable. My selection of Galran to start MAS was because I despised playing my Warrior! Now over the years I had picked him up here and there, but always ended the attempts at leveling him (and other Warriors) after very short periods of time.

Something has changed though and I would love to say it was completely Blizzard, but the major change is in myself as a player. When I first started playing WoW, I turned with my keys, did not know anything about using hot keys, and would never have dreamed of attempting to use a macro; however, over time I have learned to move with my mouse, become extremely comfortable with my hot keys (and binding abilities to my mouse), and definitely have learned a thing or two about macros (not a pro, but not a nub). Basically, I have grown up as a gamer!

You see my biggest issue with Warriors (and most melee classes) was that I felt slow in responding to things. So this left me disliking the melee classes for the most part. I would say for me it was a gradual progression. I wanted to become a better healer and not just be reliant and point and click reflex healing or being stuck with being a bot healer. So I started experimenting with some rarely used abilities that could be useful in certain situations. I would set these up as hot keys, and then look for the opportunity to use them. This then led me to exploring macros to combine abilities. I am not sure if this was because I was a lazy player or because I wanted to better myself.

Then one day I decided I wanted to level my Rogue. This made me really start looking at how my key binds were laid out in relation to when and how I might use certain abilities. It was during this time I was talking with one of the Rogues in my guild and they mentioned that they bound their two most common abilities right on their mouse wheel. They would simply scroll up or down to activate the move they desired. I decided that I would try this and so I began experimenting with some pretty crazy and often times funny bindings onto my mouse.

All of that has brought me to a point where I feel really much more at ease playing my Warrior. Am I the best Warrior out there? Hell no! I am, however, having fun with my Warrior for the first time in a long time. I am definitely still learning and studying the class as I am leveling, but it is definitely a lot better than I remember. So how about you all, any classes that as you have grown as a player you have decided to give another look at it?


Anonymous said...

People always talk about 'moving with the mouse' and I always wonder exactly what they mean.
Personally I have strafe left and right bound to keys, and move forwards, and hold my right mouse button to turn.

Does your 'move with the mouse' differ from this idea? If so, how do you strafe - is it done directly without using keys?

Ruhtra said...


When I refer to moving with my mouse, I mean that I use my mouse to have my character move forward and to turn while moving. I seldom use strafing, but you are correct with having those bound to keys. I prefer to keep my strafe keys located close to the rest of my hot keys for easy access when I do need to strafe. Hope that clears things up for you.