Saturday, July 9, 2011

Holy Paladin DPS?

I saved this post for a weekend because it is more a behind the scenes kind of thing, but one I found amusing and thought I would share. I rarely look at numbers that much in regards to my blog. Yes, I care if someone is showing up and reading what I am writing, but it is not an obsession. I typically look at the blog's stats on a weekly to bi-monthly basis. This means basically when I get bored and nothing else crosses my mind to do. So a few days ago I was looking over the numbers and I decided to take a peek and see what sites were referring people here. Thank you to for being the number one referrer! Go check out the site as they have a great list of Paladin blogs! Okay, now that the cheap pop is over (wrestling reference) let's get back to the point of this post shall we?

So I went below the referring sites section and I saw a list of key words that were used to search for something that led people to this blog. Naturally there were the words "Holy" and "Shock", but there was one phrase that just tickled me: Holy Paladin DPS. So for the person who found Holy Shock by searching for Holy Paladin DPS, let me be clear in saying that we are incapable of doing any serious DPS in current PVE content and our role in PVP is to apply key pressure at precisely timed moments in order to get a kill. The Shockadin build, as much as I loved it, is a build that will only get you ridiculed and spoken down to. We have been fortunate to have fun with different versions of the build at different times during WoW, but it is not something that you want to put any serious time into. Trust me, others have tried to make it work and they will tell you that it is just not viable.

Sorry, I had to make sure that we were clear on that. Another funny thing I noticed is that during the history of Holy Shock, we have had a decent amount of referrals from sites that talk about making money, selling inexpensive furniture, and my personal favorite... a sex health blog. I am not linking the sites because I personally cannot vouch for them being clean and viable sites. It really is funny to see how people find your site. If you haven't looked at this information, then I would encourage you to do so. If you have, then have you found any funny referring sites or search words?

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