Friday, June 3, 2011

What To Do?

I have come to the realization that I enjoy leveling alts. I may not enjoy playing them all at end game or PVP, but I enjoy the experience of seeing what life is like on the other side of the tracks so to say. So at this point I am trying to decide what class to level next. Currently I have a Holy/Prot Paladin, Disc/Shadow Priest, Combat Rogue, and Resto/Ele Shaman.

Now I have been on a huge kick here lately of wanting to have one of each type of healing class/spec so it would seem like I would want to either look at a Resto Druid or a Holy Priest. Way back years ago, my current Priest was a Holy one and man was it brutal! I almost want to experience that again, but I could easily respec from Shadow to Holy and have that issue solved. The problem there is I love m Shadow build for when I want to dailies or things of that nature. Although I have to admit that you have decent survivability in Disc it seems like too. I am leaning towards taking one of my Druids and leveling them. I will probably go with a Bal/Resto build simply to take advantage of all the heirloom gear I have and get twice the bank for the buck.

The big trick for me in this expansion is not spending all my time with alts. I have done this in previous expansions and then when we get near the end I feel like I missed out on a lot. So this time around I have been really forcing myself to get on Ruhtra every day and knock out a couple quests that I haven't done yet, run some dungeons for mounts, make sure and do my arena with my partners for their points, and all of those little things. In truth, I am going to try to do this with both Ruhtra and Holeycow so that I have them both in shape for their respected roles.

Speaking of roles, lately I have been really enjoying the tanking side of things. I may consider going full time into tanking for PVE and stay Holy or PVP. It is hard to say. One thing I know is that I am one of the best level 85 tanks you can get for old level 70 content! Ha! What about you guys? We are the point in the expansion where most of our main(s) are geared and where we want them. So what are you doing? Going fishing? Working on achievements? Leveling an alt? Taking a break from WoW until the next major patch drops?


Askevar said...

I sympathize with alt leveling. I have [at least] one of every class at max now. In fact, I'm working on a horde toon for the first time ever.

Ruhtra said...

Well enjoy the Horde toon and make sure and check out the Silverpine quest line. I just did that last night on Ruhtra and it was quite enjoyable.

As far as leveling the alts, I am trying to really not let myself get too many alts leveled this early. Last expansion I had a wide variety leveled quickly and geared for raiding and it really detracted from the overall experience because I often was doing roles I just didn't like or feel comfortable.