Thursday, June 9, 2011

Time For Chores...

Before I get into the post today I just want to take a moment and say that due to some personal turmoil with-in my family, there may be some days where I do not get to post anything up. This is a good thing though as far too often in life we see people put a lot of things in place of their family and friends. Also, do not worry about me. It does not directly effect me, but in life I have learned to make sure and be available for family and friends when they need you. Even those black sheep that we all have.

Now moving on to some other things. I wanted to talk just a little bit today about a limitation that has been in this game for a very long time that needs to be removed in my opinion. What am I referring to? I am talking about the limit of only twenty-five daily quests per day. Stop and think about how many dailies there currently are that are available to do. For example, many of our professions (both primary and secondary) have daily quests associated with them. On Ruhtra, I only do the JC daily personally. Now often times I will also do the Deepholm dailies because I am still trying to pick up the achievements for rescuing our little buddy and beating up that evil Glop family! Now we throw in the mix that I am still attempting to get my White Polar Bear mount and we have another one from there. I am still working on collecting all of the Argent Tournament mounts, vanity pets, and tabards as well. Is anyone keeping track of all these dailies yet? Well, lock down the number because it grows huge when we throw in the dailies for TB!

You get my point right? There are a TON of daily quests to do that have a lot of beneficial rewards attached to them. Now granted most of those rewards do not affect the current content yet. However, if you read the latest water cooler post from the Blizzard development team, then you know that they are planning to add in a ton of dailies to the game going forward. Which by the way is completely awesome and I encourage everyone to check out the article and the quests on the PTR! Some really awesome stuff there. The point remains that I think Blizzard should consider lifting the twenty five daily quest limit, or at least up the limit by five for each expansion which would give us the ability to do forty daily quests.

So what do you all think? Am I wrong in this thought or do you think Blizzard should increase the number of daily quests that we can do or remove the limitation altogether?

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