Saturday, June 18, 2011

Technical Stuff... Sorta

So I have come to the realization that not many people actually read blogs on the weekend. This is not going to stop me from blogging on the weekends, but I may use the weekend as the days where I post the stuff that I think some of you may not find very interesting. Now this doesn't mean that all of the posts will be mindless dribble of nothingness, but instead may sometimes focus on the more technical side of things. While I do not consider myself to be a great web page designer or technical guru, I have learned a few things along the way that may be of some use to some people. That is a long way to say that on Saturdays, Holy Shock may not be the read for everyone.

At any rate, I did want to point out that I have started working on a list of my characters! I prefer to use signature generation sites simply because I am lazy and they save me time. I previously was using (I think that was their name), but they recently switched how their signatures work and quite frankly I do not like it. So I pulled up old Google and did some searches and came across a site that is ran by Guild Launch (the people who help some guilds create websites). The name of their website for signatures is called Sig Launch (go figure right?). Now they claim that they automatically update your character as you level and your stats change, but I cannot guarantee this to be correct as I just recently came across it. It does generate the signatures in several formats so that you should be able to use it just about anywhere. It is extremely easy to use and takes next to no time to generate a code for your character(s).

The one thing you may have to do, as I did, is adjust the height and width of the signature. I will show you how I did this in hopes that maybe it can save you some time if you are not the world's most tech savvy person. So when you first generate a code, it will turn out like this:

img src="" border="0" (I removed the < and > at the begging and end of the code so it does not display the banner.)

This is one that I just created for Ruhtra. In order for me to fit it here on the blog, I needed to add some restrictions to it. The code that was generated however does not have the necessary structure to do this and so I had to add a little extra on it. So I replaced the section that says:



style="border: 0; height: 95; width: 425px;" /

Which gave me a perfect looking box that lines up evenly with everything on that side of the page. Now if you need to play with the height or the width, then you simply replace the 95 or 425 with whatever numbers you think would be necessary. It is more of a trial and error for me, but I figured I would share with you guys how I got that to line up so nicely. I hope this didn't confuse you more than help you.

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Ruhtra said...

Just a side note. I did play a lower level character over the weekend and it does not appear to have updated the character on the character list.

I still like this feature and will continue to use it and just go in on a monthly basis to update the list myself.

Who knows, I may one day write a plug-in to update this information... Nah I am far too lazy to do this!