Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shoo Crickets!

So much to discuss and so little time! So by now I am sure everyone is knee deep in 4.2 stuff! I know for the last two days, I have spent probably 75% of my WoW time running random dungeons (both regular and heroic) in order to test out the changes to the Holy tree. I have to admit that it felt really, really good. Now I will admit that my group completely overpowered the regular dungeons, but baby steps right? In the regular dungeons, I cast whatever I wanted, however much I wanted and never noticed a drain on my mana. At one point I dared my arena partner to pull down four sets of mobs and that was the only time I heard my low mana warning go off. Pretty damn impressive really.

So, I kicked it up a notch and went into heroics on day two. Now I did go in again with a group that was pretty solid. Not quite as strong in terms of balance and skill, but still pretty damn good. First run out of the gate was heroic GB! I will not lie that my heart sunk just a little bit. Honestly though, on the mobs that were dealt with properly (think utilizing CC), I did not even flinch in terms of mana consumption. On the mobs that we just zerged into on purpose or accident, it really didn't bother my mana either. On the bosses, I did notice that my mana was used a little more than I am accustomed to. I dealt with it easily enough by timing my arcane torrent (love my Blood Elf racial!) with my trinket (go go spirit increasing trinkets) and the sporadic use of Divine Plea. DO NOT FORGET TO JUDGE FOR CHEAP MANA. All and all I am happy with the mana change.

The flip side to this increase in mana cost is that Blizzard returned to us the ability for Beacon of Light to provide 100% of Holy Light to pass through to the target of our Beacon of Light. In other words kids, we are healing two people for the cost of one (at least for Holy Light). To be quite honest, that should cut down on the heavy use of Flash of Light and Divine Light. In my experience, I rely on the larger (more expensive) heals because I fall behind when having to heal Joe the Warlock who doesn't try to avoid Blitzkrieg (sorry Warlocks, but I was in a run with one of your kind who ate 90% of all Blitzkriegs!). Now when Joe stands his ground, I can spare a Holy Light or two in an attempt to keep him in the game.

I wish I could try out the PVP side of things, but my partners were not on and I did not really feel up to doing the Wargames alone. (If you can even do them alone.) I am assuming that the new season should start this coming week barring any sort of set backs on Blizzard's part. However, if you are looking for some information, then go check out YouTube and watch this video. So what do you guys think of 4.2? Angry? Happy? Could care less either way because you said eff it and started playing some other game?

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