Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Post Missed

So yesterday I had a post scheduled, or at least I thought so. Instead I marked it as draft and so nothing came out yesterday. My apologies, but it was more of a filler post and I shall leave it in a draft status for the time being. That having been said, anyone else notice that the Midsummer Fire Festival has started? For me, this is an important event this year. It is the final holiday achievement for Ruhtra to get for the What A Long Strange Trip It's Been meta achievement. I stayed up last night, later than I should have, flying all over Azeroth and Outland to knock out as many achievements for the holiday meta achievement as I could.

Is that not a gorgeous shot? It looks amazing in HD, simply amazing! Anyway, I managed to sneak into all of the Alliance capitals with nary a shot fired at me, except for the Exodar. That has to be the single worst city design I have ever seen. I charged into it on my Mechanohog, since sneaking wasn't an option, and made my way straight to the Draenei's bond fire. I was covered in guards and so I resorted to something I rarely do... bubbled! I then grabbed the fire and ran like hell. May I say that being in Prot spec with a mixture of PVP gear and tanking gear saved my life.

I felt bad on the way out because I saw two Horde Hunters going the wrong way below and they were being chased by a mob of guards. My assisting them though would have killed us all and so I decided to just make my way out the exit. Bubble plus Lay on Hands immediately upon being permitted to cast it is a winning combination!

So as I sit here right now, all I have left to do is juggle 40 torches in Dalaran and the long achievement chain is over! Oh and so is the collecting of 100 mounts! Have to love multi-tasking complex achievements right? Oh, and if you are working on the Seeker title for doing 3,000 quests, then make sure and do the honoring/extinguishing of fires as each fire counts towards your quest achievement as well.

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