Friday, June 10, 2011

Minor Additions

I hope everyone is having a good end to their week! This post is more of a quick note of a couple minor changes I have made to the blog. The first one I wanted to point out is that I finally enabled all of the old posts from Holy Shock. Most of the information in these posts are severely out of date, but it may be fun to go through and read some old posts every now and then. I was reading a few of them last night and I couldn't help but chuckle at some of the first few I had written and also at some of the more colorful posts from Rather when he was writing here as well. Anyway, feel free to browse through them for a good laugh!

Another addition to the blog is the little link that I have on the right side with our Minecraft server information. I am a huge lover of Minecraft and a few of us from MAS have a great server and we are always willing to add more folks to it. I believe right now it is smaller with only eight slots, but if you love Minecraft and have been looking for a multi-player server to dabble in, then feel free to get in touch with me here through the blog and I will be happy to talk with you about that.

One thing I have not added yet is a list of blogs that I read. Part of my apprehension with this is that I read a wide variety of blogs. Some of which I really do not agree with, but I find interesting to see what things may (or may not) be of importance to them. I also do not want to get into one of those situations where I link someone's blog because they read mine and vice-versa. So for now, I have chosen to not list any. This will change in time I promise. Along those lines, if you know a great blogger or happen to write your own blog then drop me a line as I am always interested in reading different people's perspectives.

One thing I am debating on doing is adding in the posts from the other blogs that I have dabbled with while away from Holy Shock. There are only a few posts that would be brought over as I never really could stayed horribly focused on blogging when not doing it here. I may or may not do this. It honestly just depends on my own time as that would take a little longer then going under the posting options for this blog.

Well, that is all that I really have for today. Sorry it is a boring day, but I want to keep everyone up on what is going on around here. Even if it is only the mundane maintenance of the site. Don't forget if you know of an interesting blog to drop a comment on here since I am always looking for a good (or bad) read!

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