Thursday, June 2, 2011

Micro Transactions

I have to be honest and admit right up front that on Tuesday I purchased two of the Winged Guardian. One was for my main account and the second was for my wife. I found it interesting that when I went to make the purchase, I was somewhere in the twenty-thousand range of the queue. The queue was being processed extremely quickly and so the purchase went smooth with no worries. While I waited I ran and did some dailies to earn some gold for Ruhtra so I could get something accomplished in-game besides shelling out fifty bucks to Blizzard.

It got me thinking to when the Sparkle Pony was released. I remember the outrage and sheer hatred of some people over Blizzard providing a nice mount for a nominal fee. Man there was a lot of raging going on back then. Well, come to think of it, there was a lot of raging today too! Of course this raging was more of the QQ variety since after you purchased the mount you still needed to wait around an fifteen minutes to an hour for Blizzard to process the request. All in all from start to actually mounting the lion was roughly an hour. That is not too shabby.

I also have seen that it looks like we may be getting a themed Diablo style murloc for watching Blizzcon this year. The reaction I saw in the forums tonight was kind of half loving the idea and half not thrilled that we are getting yet another murloc. I personally love the murlocs and cannot wait to get the little fellow. It got me to wondering though about what item they will include with-in their Collector's Edition Diablo III bundle. I expect they will package a little something extra as they did for the Star Craft II Collector's Edition. I guess time will tell.

While I am on the subject of wasting time collecting pets allow me to say that the rare mounts from the old dungeons must simply hate Ruhtra. Every one of my alts that I have played half serious for the last year or so has managed to get the rare mounts that elude me on Ruhtra and it is well over a month now of running MGT and SH with nothing to show for it. My friend, who took two years off, came back and ran maybe a week and got both of them in a matter of days. Oh Lady RNG is a real bitch! Oh well, the side effect to running these two instances is that I take a little extra time and pull every mob in the place and then send the cloth to Emprius to produce Netherweave bags, which still sell really well on good old Daggerspine. So at least I can make a little bit more gold while running this old content.

I would be more aggravated over it if I was being super serious about it, but honestly this gives me something to do. I feel bad for the people who have spent years attempting to get some of these mounts. How about you all? Is there anything in the game that you have spent a decent amount of time working towards?

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