Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lady RNG, My Apologies

So the other day I was talking about mounts and how I have no luck with getting mounts on Ruhtra. I went on to speak evil things about our Fair Lady RNG and she went out of her way to prove me wrong by giving me this:

I honestly could not believe it when it literally spawned right on top of me as I was getting ready to land to do my Argent Tournament daily where you catch the Snobalds! I almost lost it. I had to compose myself real quickly so I flew too it and dropped from above and hit Hand of Reckoning to get its attention and then proceeded to pummel it into submission. The worst part is I had no one to tell. It was early in the morning and everyone in my house was sound asleep. No one was on from my guild either. So I figured why not just hop on here and post about it?

So there you go. Be careful when you bad mouth something because you may just have to turn around and say I am sorry! Oh well, this was an apology that was well worth having to make. Has anything like this ever happened to you guys?

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