Thursday, June 23, 2011

It Is Finished!

That right there is the end of a years worth of work. Well, more like three years, but I am not counting the first two because I disliked achievements back then. I went this morning and purchased 35 juggling torches to complete the final achievement for the Midsummer Fire Festival. It took quite a bit of juggling to get all 40 done in fifteen seconds, but with some patience and the ability to drum roll like a heavy metal drummer, I completed the task and watched as achievements started popping on my screen!

Now adding my Violet Proto Drake to my collection led to me finally completing my 100 mount achievement! Thus I added the Red Dragonhawk to my collection as well. I know I have red a lot of people complain about having the simple dragonhawk model as our 100 mount achievement, but I like it. All I have left is one Hawkstrider and I have every Blood Elf mount in the game! Go Team Blood Elf!!!

Oh and now I can fly really fast! Yes, I was cheap and waited six months in order to get the 310% flight because I knew I could get it for free.

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