Thursday, June 16, 2011

Holy Smoke!

On Tuesday nights, my guild has been running what we refer to as retro raids. I started this a while back so people could get to see older content that they never had the experience of seeing for whatever reason. I also started it as a way for myself and those achievement hunters in the guild to go after the achievements that we want. The very first thing we do every week is go out and zerg OS. We do this so that every member in the guild can acquire the Black Drake if they so choose. I am not gonna pretend to be a saint. I have organized this simply for the chance to get the drake myself. That selfishness paid off last night as I added mount number 98 to the collection!

Typically after this we go and hit up Onyxia's Lair as well. We have not even seen the drake drop yet from there, but perseverance is the key to mount hunting. This week we stopped by and kicked the snot out of Malygos as well. He did not relinquish any of his mounts, so I imagine we will head back there again as well.

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