Saturday, June 25, 2011

Guild Entry

Blizzard's guild finder tool is quite a great idea, but it rather rough around the edges. We currently have twenty-four people who have expressed interest in joining the guild. The problem is that we are not always on to talk with the people about joining the guild. We attempt to reach out via the in-game mail system, but it feels so cold. What I would like to see is a form of communication that is set up via the tool itself. Among the options would preferably be a way to actually invite members when they are not signed in. Just a thought on a way to make life simpler. I wonder if anyone has found a way to use this system effectively?


Askevar said...

Or perhaps a tool that will let you approve invite and then have them auto invited on next login?

A way to set an auto mail for guild policies/welcome message after joining would be nice as well!

Yow said...

Yow bro! Love ur blog! =)
Was thinkin wanna Link my blog and I link yours ? =)
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Ruhtra said...

@ Askevar

Yes, yes, and yes! I wonder why they cannot add this into the feature? That would make it so much easier for everyone.

@ Yow

Thank you for liking the blog. As far as the blog goes, I will be happy to look at your blog. I always love reading new blogs and seeing things from a different perspective.